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  1. pancakemaker

    RVF? How did they find yours?

    For several months I’ve been having feces in my V area. I know I’m not imagining this. Happens all the time when I wipe and sometimes leaks out. Just had a CT scan and I saw the report. Didn’t seem like they found anything. (Editing to say they did see wall thickening and inflammation-typical...
  2. pancakemaker

    Gallbladder removal w/Crohns?

    Hi you all. I had a gallbladder HIDA scan last week and my ejection rate was 16% (apparently normal is 35-75%). So now I'm going to go see a surgeon next Thursday about getting it removed. I have been having horrible abdominal pain. I don't know if its from Crohns or the gallbladder stuff...
  3. pancakemaker

    Platelets too high? Anyone experienced this?

    I had my first appt (after diagnosis) at the gastrointestinal Dr this week and had some blood work done. The NP called me today and said everything was okay except my platelets were too high. She is going to test them again Nov 17th and make sure they go down. Just wondered who else had...
  4. pancakemaker

    How often do you see a doctor and what's it like?

    I was just diagnosed with Crohn's on Thursday after my colonoscopy so I'm still very new to this. I am supposed to go back to my GI doctor in 2 months. So I'm wondering how often do people with Crohn's see a doctor and what are the appts like? I was put on Asacol (3 tablets 2x a day)...
  5. pancakemaker

    New here. Just diagnosed today

    Hey everyone. After 5 months of chronic diarrhea and abdominal bloating/pain I had my colonoscopy today. When I woke up they told me I had Crohn's Disease. Also Ileus- the Dr. said he sent off a sample of something to be tested and I should hear from him in a week or two. I will be taking...