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  1. Khaley

    Possible new treatment for Crohn's

    "The study, reported online Oct. 5 in Nature Immunology, shows that the receptor helps regulate intestinal inflammation in mice and that its activity can be manipulated, offering a potential new target for treating certain autoimmune disorders, such as Crohn's disease and possibly multiple...
  2. Khaley

    Pets with IBD?

    I have two 10-1/2 year old whippets, unrelated, that I've raised since puppies, and they both have IBD. I don't think it's necessarily common in the breed. I'm wondering how many of you have pets with IBD. Did I give it to them? Is it MAP or something else in our water? Just a coincidence?
  3. Khaley

    Still feeling obstructed after resection

    Hi. I just had open resection surgery 19 days ago. He resected about a foot of my terminal ileum and did three strictureplasties (two Heineke-Mikulicz and one Jaboulay). For the last several months prior to surgery I was feeling really blocked up in my lower abdomen due to a functional...
  4. Khaley

    Surgery date

    So, a couple of months ago I naively asked, "Who would elect to have a resection?" I've since learned that "elective" doesn't mean I can elect whether to have it, just somewhat when I will have it. My surgery date is this coming Friday. I'm having an ileocecal resection. I'm not thrilled...
  5. Khaley

    Pelvic pain

    So I spent several hours at the ER today and I had a CT scan. My GI doc was concerned that I may have an abscess or something because of the new, recent pain that I'm having. I've been having problems for several months due to a long stricture in my TI, causing a constant firmness and soreness...
  6. Khaley

    Med alert bracelets

    Hi. I'm wondering how many of you wear some kind of med alert jewelry. In addition to currently having a stricture and needing resection surgery, I have allergies to sulfa and CT contrast. I'm starting to think a med alert bracelet is a good idea. Thanks.
  7. Khaley


    Indigestion from Remicade or stricture? I don't usually have indigestion, but for the last few weeks I've had it pretty consistently. It came on four days after my first Remicade infusion but my GI doc doesn't think the Remicade is causing it. I'm wondering if I could be caused by my...
  8. Khaley

    Poop like sediment

    Hi everyone. Whenever I have bad abdominal pain I always know my poop is going to look like sediment. Does anyone know what this indicates?
  9. Khaley

    Back pain with bowel obstruction?

    So, my ex-partner, who has never had GI issues, has been having symptoms for the past week that sound an awful lot like a bowel obstruction. Here's how she describes it: Four hours or so after she eats she gets pain in the right side of her back under her rib cage that causes her stomach to...
  10. Khaley

    What led up to your first resection?

    Hi everyone. My GI doc seems to think it's only a matter of time before I need a resection and why wait when I'm having pain and other symptoms of a partial blockage. He referred me to a surgeon but the surgeon wants to wait and see how I do on Remicade first, which I'm starting in five days...
  11. Khaley

    Strange lump on forehead

    I woke up to a gnawing hunger at 1:00 last night and noticed I had a jellybean sized knot on my forehead above my right eye that wasn't there when I went to bed. It was hard and unmovable, didn't hurt, didn't itch. There was no sign of a bite or scratch, no bruising...just a big, hard knot...
  12. Khaley

    What does remission feel like?

    Hi everyone. I was diagnosed with Crohn's seven years ago after many years of symptoms. Since getting on azathioprine I'm much better but never 100%. A couple of times a year I get a bad flare that lasts for several weeks, but mostly it's just bloating, gas and general discomfort. Usually...
  13. Khaley

    Feeling confused after diagnosis of stricture

    Hi everyone. I was diagnosed with Crohn's in Jan. 2007 and thought I was doing well on azathioprine. I knew I had some flares, but I really thought my disease was fairly mild and under control. I’ve read so many stories of people having debilitating pain and diarrhea, bleeding, weight loss...