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    Small bowel transit time.

    Hi everyone I recently had a capsule endoscopy & ive been told that I need it repeating due to it only taking 1hr to move through my small bowel. Is this normal? Getting abit flustered over a repeat cause we all know that kleanprep is awful lol They did say what they could see is normal...
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    Hi everyone So I have just been to see the consultant for biopsy results and they have come back as indeterminate.. I have mixed inflammatory cells, aphthous ulcers in bowel and mouth , mild thickening of small bowel and horrible symptoms. I’m so frustrated, has anyone else had an indeterminate...
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    New to forum - currently undiagnosed.

    Hi This is my first time posting on a forum ever! I don’t know anyone close to me that has experienced any type of IBD, so here I am. Here’s the story... I have been experiencing pelvic/lower abdominal pain for almost a year now, I was under gynaecology initially as I had multiple treatments...