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  1. I Love Lamp

    New symptoms

    I'm having some new symptoms and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. I'm having pain that begins at around 3pm and worsens until I eventually fall asleep. The pain is on the lower left of my stomach and i can feel the pain through to my back. I would say the pain is a 7 or...
  2. I Love Lamp

    What is going on?

    I am having some strange symptoms and was hoping anyone has any clue to what my bowels are up to! I am having remicade infusions and crohns has been ok for a few years. 4 weeks ago I became constipated for around 2 days and then spent a night throwing up and having bad d. I then have d for...
  3. I Love Lamp

    Are Chronsies annoying?

    Ok so i know this is controversial and i do not intend to upset anyone. I myself have been ill with Crohns since 2001 and have had my fair share of ups and downs. I regard myself as a happy person and people always comment on how happy go luck i am. HOWEVER....i know that sometimes i slip into...
  4. I Love Lamp

    Male Morning Sickness!

    I have just started back at school where i teach after the summer and am having a bit of trouble on a morning. I wake up at 6.30am, take tablets at about 7am (Aza) and leave at about 7.30am. The problem im having is that if i have any breakfast at all then i tend to throw it back up within an...
  5. I Love Lamp

    Am i becoming a hippie?

    What supplements or herbal remedies is everyone taking? I have always been extremely sceptical of them but started Aloe Vera, Cod liver oil caps and Vit C and feel really good. I cant decide if its a placebo, it is simply coinciding with a good patch caused by meds or they are actually doing...
  6. I Love Lamp


    Sorry for being so graphic but im at a lost end here. I have just started passing a lot of blood in the last two days. Has happened before but not this bad. Has anyone experienced this? What are my options? Have phoned my doc and am waiting for him to get back to me but am slightly nervous.
  7. I Love Lamp

    Not new but thought i had better say my bit!

    Hello everyone, i know i have been on here like two weeks but i thought i had better get round to telling my story. I was diagnosed in June 2001 (aged 13) after about a year of eating nothing and falling asleep on the bus. My doctor would not accept that there was anything wrong with me and...
  8. I Love Lamp

    Alcohol and Aza and Infliximab.

    Has anyone had experinece with alcohol and Aza or infliximab? I had a couple of drinks on Friday and got drunk very easily and was violently ill on Saturday. I felt like my stomach was trying to come through my mouth. This happened the last time i had a drink but i passed it off as just drinking...
  9. I Love Lamp

    What should i have for tea?

    Im having a Chinese takeaway tonight and think im gonna have to put my usual Beef Curry and Fried rice to one side. What should i have that isnt going to make my insides implode?!
  10. I Love Lamp

    Hello and help!

    Hello all this is my 1st time posting a thread so hi! I have been diagnosed with Crohns since 2001 and get by pretty well. I am doing all i can to not let it effect my career (im just finishing my training to be a teacher) but at the moment im feeling so fatigued that i have had to take some...