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  1. Catherina

    No salt - no sugar?????

    no salt - no sugar????? Have been put on preednisolone again and I just stop eating!!! This is not good but usually I am pretty much living on salt and sugar. Put 3 1/2 spoon in my coffee, drink approx 1 liter Coca Cola and I do like salt on my food. Can I replace the sugar with fructose and...
  2. Catherina

    CIDP and Crohn's anyone??

    I have CIDP and Crohn's and my gastro is at a loss as to what medication I should use. Any experience anybody?
  3. Catherina

    Enough is enough

    enough is enough Soooooo tired, slight fever, shivering (although we have 28 degrees here), wake up every 1/2 hour due to restless leggs, nausea and a feeling that a bone got stuck in my throat. My house is a mess, I have a million things to do and I just can't put one leg in front of the...
  4. Catherina


    Hi, I am Catherina, have had Crohn's for as long as I remember but have only been diagnosed 6 years ago when galblatter as wel as colon burst and created a mess in my belly. Have tried NSAIDS, no results, Budecol, antibiotics and last but not least Azathioprine. For no known reason, August...