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  1. kenyasolovely

    Unemployment Benefits

    So I quit my job right before Thanksgiving. Yes I gave notice and noted it was for health reasons. My job is too stressful as I worked in an office by myself. Imagine your phone ringing over 100 times a day and you have to answer it all by yourself...do all the paperwork alone...walk the...
  2. kenyasolovely

    Rough Times...

    Hey guys! So I haven't been on in a few weeks. Been flaring well because I ended up getting a major tooth infection and breaking a tooth. Had to have emergency oral surgery but not before my gut was pumped full of all kind of YUCKY pills....gross, gross...and gross. Then that starts the flaring...
  3. kenyasolovely

    Unsupportive Friends

    So since my diagnosis back in May, I've noticed a drop of in the amount of "friends" I have. It bothers me on one hand, but on the other, its kind of like a "relief". I mean I have 2 friends right now who I wouldn't trade for the world and have stuck by my side through thick and thin. They...
  4. kenyasolovely

    Feeling so bad...and wondering

    Has anyone else noticed that they have excruitating cramps or gas pains upon sudden movement ie; bending, walking, etc. I've been having horrible gas cramps and pain. I know this is normal with Crohns and I am flaring right now. But if I'm laying down and go to turn from left side to right...
  5. kenyasolovely

    Teas and Exercise

    I was starting to flare badly again about 3-4 weeks ago. Diarrhea and weight lose and stomach pains along with the fatigue. I recently purchased two types of herbal teas that work wonders for me. They are: Organic Ginger Aid by Traditional Medicinals Egyptian Licorice by YOGI I found them in...
  6. kenyasolovely

    Crohn's and MS

    wondering if anyone has heard of any correlation between Crohns and MS?
  7. kenyasolovely

    No Insurance :/

    Just wondering if anyone else has no insurance and if so how does one go about getting meds without it? I have no insurance and can't afford my meds. When I tried applying through the hospital "indigent" program that manufactures offer, I was told I make too much. Ummmm:shifty:....OK (that's...
  8. kenyasolovely


    Hi Everyone! I want to introduce myself. I begin my struggle in 2008 when I became sick on New Years Day with violent nausea and vomiting. It continued for 3 weeks before I finally couldn't keep anything down, including water. I was hospitalized through the Emergency Room where I was found to...