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  1. semicolon306


    Since my surgery in June 10 - Ileostomy I have been doing well. Well besides a few little blockages, but that is expected in me. Now over the past week EVERY NIGHT it feels like someone has a fist in my belly pushing all over. Called the dr and he said, well here is some pain meds and off to...
  2. semicolon306


    Has anyone had the chance to get up close and personal with airport security? Apparently with this new device I tend to set off metal detectors. Then I have to stand a wait for some other guy to frisk me - GREAT just what I wanted. I try to be quiet and explain to them I have a device on my...
  3. semicolon306

    Metal pouch clamps or double locking clamps for ostomy

    Ok, I was wondering if someone knows of any other pouch clamps other then the normal ones by holister and convatec? The other companies make the same sort of ones and after hours of research I can not find any new styles. I am currently using the Holister one and works great - UNTIL you hit...
  4. semicolon306

    Tired and fatigued

    So, it has been 4 months since my ileostomy surgery, which has been GREAT no more back pain. Still then I have had some belly pain, but that is due to scar tissue and blockages (also due to scar tissue). Here is my question about 2 months ago I lost all my energy and I am always tired during...
  5. semicolon306

    Shave hair around stoma?

    Quick question, I am not sure if anyone has any suggestions, but I recently had to go back to an ileostomy. If anyone has one they know how fun it is to change the wafer with it ripping out all the little hairs on the abdomen. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions other then adhesive...
  6. semicolon306

    New Products

    I was thinking to make an easy forum to show some of the new items on the market for people with ostomies. I have spent hours searching and found some new items, that look pretty neat. I am hoping this forum would allow people to see them and give any input on them, as well as add some new...
  7. semicolon306

    Almost Time

    Well after about 15 doctors appointments and numerous test they feel it is time to remove the "J" pouch. They all agree and have also talked to other doctors that they NEED to get this out, before it gets worse. The have set the day for June 1st in Hartford Hospital in CT. One surgeon is the...
  8. semicolon306


    ok, so after 17 years of a j pouch I need to go back to a ileostomy and I know things have changed. I was wondering and looking for input on the following items, since I am sure there are people here with experiences with them. Little about me, I am a very active 37 male that works as a...
  9. semicolon306

    Something Weird

    OK, so here is my story and wondering if anyone has any suggestions or comments. Since the age of 8 I started have colon concerns. At the age of 15 I was told that I had Colitis and was offered many treatments and all were unsuccessful. At the age of 19 I had my entire colon removed and was...