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    Found an interesting article on probiotics. I have certainly noticed great improvement after changing probiotics. Hope this may help someone! http://www.health.com/health/article/0,,20411606,00.html
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    Side effects of Cipro?

    Had to be on Cipro (one they treat for Anthrax) for 7 days, for bladder infection and thought I would be dead by day 7. Told doc NEVER to put me on it again. I thought the pain and belly swelling may be from infection and asked (after 2 days) if this was normal and nurse said it may be worse...
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    My search for cure...

    After first diagnosed I went to get an allergy test and had myself tested for numerous foods. Armed with that knowledge, I eliminated gluten, wheat, corn, dairy, etc. and saw immediate improvements in a reduction of abdominal swelling. That was a great relief. I then worked with a Chinese...
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    You can beat it!

    I was diagnosed with Crohn's by a colonoscopy approx 10 years ago. We realized a bad colitis/border ulcerative colitis diagnosis 20 years ago was probably incorrect as well. Anyway, after being put on steroids and anti-inflammatories and still not feeling better, I committed myself to getting...