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    Is being vegetarian possible?

    Can I do it? I know there's tons of people who're gonna say "yeah probably, just eat lots of lentils"... I actually want to plan out a diet. I need protein, because I need to get in shape. But I can't force myself to eat meat anymore. wat do
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    Vegetarian & such

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    My toes hurt :(

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    Coming Out

    Hey guys. I'm not sure how to write this, so it will all make sense, but I'll try. Also, sorry for it being long. I come from a relatively conservative-christian family. I've got a brother who has gone rogue, and so all the familial expectations have been left to me. I am also a homosexual...
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    Ignore this thread, I am dumb.

    I read a variety of different ideas on whether doctors prefer to use light drugs and go upwards, or whether they use heavy drugs first to prevent further damage... I asked my GI about this, and he said it's one of the great debates amongst GI specialists... So, I wanted to know: Did your...
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    Hey guys. I'm starting humira in a week or so, with 125mg imuran. I want to get a tattoo though! Can I do this, without risking hepatitis? Thanks a bunch :)
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    Spinach Shakes!

    Hi all. So, this summer, with the absence of any employment (lol, I fail at responsibility), I've decided I'm going to put on some muscle. Not to impress anyone, but simply so I have a fallback for if I start losing ridiculous amounts of weight again. I've read alot of spinach shakes. I tried...
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    No more remission :(

    So, I've been on 125mg aza since late april... Started going into remission around the beginning of June,i think. It was a nice month. ANYWAYS, I started feeling yucky around the time exams started. My doc told me it was probably anxiety because I had missed so much time, didn't want to fail...
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    Dave deBronkart on Patient Community

    A TED Talk about the importance of: Knowing your health situation Not relying on statistics always Communicating with other patients Making informed choices The speaker did have Cancer, not Crohn's, but the importance of the message doesn't change. It also is kinda lengthy, but it has good...
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    Please help... Not healing right...

    So, about two months back, I had a seton put in for a complex perianal fistula. When I was under, my surgeon cut a slice out beside the seton, leaving some skin between the chunk she took out and the seton hole. Then I was put on imuran! I achieved a good remission (though any stress does...
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    Remission :)

    Hi all. I just thought I'd let you know that I am in remission thanks to Imuran and a low-res diet. I find it a little depressing seeing all the frustration and hopelessness on the forum, so I figured it might help atleast someone to hear someone say something positive. I am HEALTHY! AND FEEL...
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    Dealing with Cramps

    So, I've used the search function, guessing that someone would have discussed this already, but I couldn't seem to find anything, so I'll just start a new thread! Cramping. You've likely all experienced it. Sometimes it feels weird. Sometimes it feels like you're giving birth. For me, it's...
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    Afternoon all. So, I started my Vivonex Plus diet today. Vanilla flavored! It tastes like waffle cones, with an aftertaste that makes me think of duck feces. Anyone have any kind of preference? Suggestion? I'm scared to put in anything for flavoring, because that'd mean stuff would go to my...
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    Dairy vs. Lactose

    So... I'm lactose intolerant, fer sure. I avoid lactaid also, because either I take too little, and get D, or I take too much, and get C. Now, I have some yummy lactose-free milk that I drink often. (2%) Except, it still makes me feel a little weird. I was wondering if any of you had similar...
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    Can we just... talk?

    I really hate greetings. So I'm just going to get to it... First off, I just chose a random post icon, in hopes that it would draw attention. Second off (atrocious grammar) I... don't really have friends. haha! No really though. I could not tell you why. I honestly couldn't. I could...
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    Tashi Delek.

    Here's my story: I was diagnosed a couple months ago. I had been sick for around a year. I started with a chronic cough, and was told I had a bronchial infection. Biaxin, then Ceftin for that. Nothing happened. Then, I started losing weight. The idea was that I was anorexic, which didn't...