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    Long haul travel with Humira

    Hey guys, Heading on honeymoon to West Coast US from Dublin in a couple of months, just thinking about the logistics. Gonna get a letter from my doc so I can carry onboard the plane and have it stored in the fridge (I'll have 2 doses with me). However, once I inject, where am I gonna dispose...
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    So unbelievably p'd off with Crohns

    Hi guys, Haven't been on in ages...really need to get on here and rant. Literally feel like I have been constantly ill for weeks...had a really nasty flare last week that coincided with my beloved dad's 60th. I still went along for the dinner but I was so miserable and upset I couldn't...
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    Newbie with Crohns

    Hi all, Well it's a relief to finally find a forum for like-minded people! It's great to see people have pretty much the same questions as I have. I was diagnosed with Crohns in 2007 after 4 years of gradually-worsening symptoms...starting with bloating, cramps, heartburn, one trip to France...