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    Humira loading doses

    Hello all, I've had my two loading doses of humira next single dose is due in just over a week,so far they have had no effect on my symptoms. I know it can take three months to reach its full effect but should I have had some positive effect from it by now, has anyone got experience of this and...
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    Steps to remission

    It's been nearly 4 years since I last had a flare up and I can't really remember anything about it. I started a flare in February which I think might be starting to come to an end. My symptoms have been easing over the last week and since the weekend I have not really experienced much bleeding...
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    Azathioprine induced remission

    Has anyone had experience of azathioprine inducing remission? I have been back on aza after a 4 month hiatus which put me in a flare, doctors told me to wait for 6+weeks for aza to start taking effect, in the meantime I have been on pred but it hasn't changed anything although now I am down to...
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    Codeine during flare up

    Currently on my third week of constant sore pain by my ribs in this stubborn Ongoing flare and now that it is also starting on the opposite side I'm considering pain relief. I don't like to take pain meds unless absolutely necessary. I have a supply of combined codeine 30mg and paracetomol 500mg...
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    A quick question on bleeding

    Anyone with experience of rectal bleeding know the difference between fresh red blood like if you cut yourself and thick deep red blood Being passed? I have both and not consistently one or the other and wonder if there are two issues at play or whether it is just where the inflammation is...
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    Fecal loading

    Has anyone ever been told there symptoms could be due to fecal loading before the inflamed section of the large bowel? I've been given laxatives to see if it helps, very strange considering I have had D for the last 4 weeks. Haven't been able to find similar stories anywhere on the net
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    Has anybody ever had no response to steroids during a flare?

    Currently in hospital with a severe flare up for me, diagnosed with indeterminate colitis 6 years ago when I had prednisolone and budesonide to control the flares back then it cleared up quite quickly but did return when tapering usually. Had 2/3 years living like a normal person while taking...
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    First hospital admission for flare up

    Hello all, in for my first admission because of a crohn's flare up and really struggling. It seems like nothing is improving and I'm the only one that seems to care. I've had crohn's for 7 years although I was told I have indeterminate colitis my brothers and mother have just crohns disease...
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    Crohn's rectal bleeding even with steroids

    hello all, im 22 and have been diagnosed with crohns/colitis for 2 years. i usually flare up once or twice a year in the last 2 years. recently i was on a reducing dose of steroids since september and after finishing the reducing dose in the beginning of december i had bleeding again about a...