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  1. gatheryerosebuds

    Better to miss a dose of Pentasa or take extra?

    I can't remember for the life of me whether I took my Pentasa this afternoon. Is it better to just take it? Or wait to take it until my evening dose? Thanks!
  2. gatheryerosebuds

    One Year Crohn's-iversary!

    Wow! Today is my first ever Crohn's-iversary, one year exactly since I was diagnosed. In that moment so much had changed, but one year later I feel like I've changed in more ways than I ever could have thought. Certain people that I've met, things I've learned, and passions that I've found I owe...
  3. gatheryerosebuds

    Ice pack as a medical carry on item?

    I will be doing quite a bit of air travel beginning in August and am trying to plan out some meal logistics before departing. It would be very convenient if I could bring a cold pack in the lunch box that I am planning to bring so that I could transport (perishable) foods around on day-trips...
  4. gatheryerosebuds

    Just a lot of medication

    Hi there! I am preparing for a four-month study abroad program through my college that will begin on August 31, 2017. We will go to six countries -- Italy, Israel, Palestine, Egypt, India, Thailand, and China (with layovers in places like Greece and Bahrain!) -- and I am SO excited. I am a...
  5. gatheryerosebuds

    Eating dairy again?

    Hello! A couple of months before I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease last year, I cut out pretty much all dairy from my diet because creamy things (i.e. cream-based soups, etc.), milk, and yogurt would make me really upset to my stomach. Since August 2016 I have been undergoing treatment for...
  6. gatheryerosebuds

    Next steps when Pentasa stops working?

    Hello everybody! I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in August 2016 and take 3g of Pentasa daily. It has worked wonderfully up until recently, but now some of my symptoms are returning. I will see my gastroenterologist in June for an evaluation, who warned me that because Pentasa is a starter...
  7. gatheryerosebuds

    Combatting Crohn's-related Nausea?

    Perhaps my least favorite Crohn's-related issue (second to throwing up, of course) is nausea. And today has been filled with... nausea. AH! I woke up this morning fairly certain that I was going throw up, but at least I never did. Phew! So, nausea. Do you wonderful people have suggestions...
  8. gatheryerosebuds

    When does a flare require a hospital admission?

    I've been treated in the ER for Crohn's-related things, but I have never been admitted to the hospital. I had a pretty awful couple of days last week, which got me wondering -- what's the difference between a flare that can be treated in the ER versus a flare that requires a hospital stay?
  9. gatheryerosebuds

    Opening Pentasa Capsules?

    Hello! I started the drug Pentasa a couple of weeks ago after my GI diagnosed me with Crohn's disease. I take two capsules three times per day -- a total of six pills daily. I am not always able to swallow the pills with water; I can easily swallow the pills with a tablespoon of applesauce. The...
  10. gatheryerosebuds

    Very dark stool after starting Pentasa?

    Hello, I started Pentasa on Monday night after my GI diagnosed me with Crohn's disease the Friday prior. Since then (it is now Wednesday), my stool has been a very very dark brown (close to but not quite black), which is different from its usual pale brown. I'm not having new abdominal pain or...
  11. gatheryerosebuds

    Thanks to the Pill Cam, a diagnosis

    Hello all -- I've posted two or three times these past couple of weeks about the pill cam; after months and months of dead ends, I was skeptical that this particular test would give me new information. But today, my gastroenterologist called to tell me that I do in fact have Crohn's disease. I...
  12. gatheryerosebuds

    Food After Pill Cam Placement -- Did I Ruin My Images?

    Hi everyone! A bit of an emergency here! After a night of bowel prep (dulcolax and then miralax/gatorade), I had my pill cam placed in my duodenum at 11:45am this morning via an endoscopy. I was told to wait four hours before having a light meal (~3:45pm), but I waited until about 4:13pm to...
  13. gatheryerosebuds

    Swallowing a Pill Cam -- Tips & Suggestions?

    I am scheduled to have a pill cam endoscopy on August 2nd, but I have the worst time swallowing pills. I am finally comfortable swallowing Advil, Ibuprofen, and those Target-brand Vitamin D-sized pills with water, but anything larger will only go down with 1.5 or 2 tablespoons of applesauce (For...
  14. gatheryerosebuds

    Pill Cam Endoscopy -- Worth It?

    Hello all, I have a somewhat long-winded (sorry) question about pill cam endoscopies that I was hoping somebody could answer. But first: I am a twenty year old female. Almost one year ago I began to have ambiguous upper/lower GI issues -- intense bouts of nausea, significant weight loss...