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  1. Walt

    Rectal advancement flap surgery?

    Good Day All, Does anyone have any experience with rectal advancement flap surgery? My fistulas have been making trouble and I don't know what happens next?!?:shifty: thanks Walt ps My bum hurts..... .
  2. Walt


    chinup... I had my bravest face on. I was cheerful and positive. I was almost daring to be confident, passing for nearly normal. And then suddenly, upon 2 seconds warning, could not lift either foot. Too late. Just time to whisper 'oh no'. I just soiled myself down to my ankle and now I am...
  3. Walt

    Crohn's for sale: $cheap

    Good Day All, As I've been running back and forth all day between my pc and my toilet, it occurs to me that hmmm....... perhaps Crohn's is NOT as much fun, as they made it sound in the brochure? Boy, somebody l-i-e-d to me! What kind of slick sales pitch could have sold me this c-r-a-p-p-y...
  4. Walt

    My one day miracle Crohn's diagnosis

    my one day miracle Crohn's diagnosis The Pivot: a toilet slave shares his story... Good Day All, I'll try to lay out my twisted and ouchy tale: I resisted seeking medical help for at least 20+ years of off/on toilet bleeding and wicked cramps. A pair of unrelated childhood surgeries left me...