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    Prep Day SUCKS!!!

    Got call this morning to say a cancellation in the endoscopy unit meant I had just won a date with colonoscopy tube tomorrow WOOOOOOHOOOOOO So off my hubby goes to chemist for the dreaded PREP, I have spent the best part of today looking at the back of various bathroom doors reading numerous...
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    I feel silly but I need advice

    Hi Guys I know this probably is going to sound like a really stupid question but I have just received an appointment for this Friday for a hematology review, I've never had one before and my IBD nurse can't say why this has come up now or who ordered it but just to go along and see. My questions...
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    Staying Positive

    My story, my name is Gwen Im 35 years old, I first became ill and diagnosed with Crohn's, 1987 age 11. life was hectic and illness was out of control for 17yrs but I met a lovely man 10 years ago (now my hubby) and through up and downs have managed to get two seperate remissions one lasting two...