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  1. MommaDot

    What are your post-surgery meds and are they working?

    I am two years post surgery. (I lost 26" total of SB, TI, and my ascending colon.) I have not had a flare and am symptom free except for slight inflammation at the resection sight that my general doc feels. My GI doc has me on azathioprine 100mg and Lialda 2.4g daily. (Of course I also take...
  2. MommaDot

    Hello! from Texas, USA

    I started a thread and it disappeared! Don't know if I'll wind up a double-post, but here goes again: I was diagnosed with Crohn's about 14 years ago. I have been on a variety of maintenance meds and had a resection two years ago. I have never been more aware of my disease than I have since...