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  1. Gerbskis

    Change in Humira Dosage

    Good Morning All, I recently went through a pretty intense flare due to the stress of finishing up with school and trying to find a job. My gastro specialist suggested that I change my Humira dosage to weekly injections once she saw my results from the most recent colonoscopy. Has anyone...
  2. Gerbskis

    Crohns and the Working World

    Good Afternoon Everyone, I am student that has recently graduated from college and I am starting to grow anxious about working full time while managing my Crohns Disease. I had many programs and accommodations that helped me get through school while dealing with the disease. But, now that I...
  3. Gerbskis

    Poke day/symptoms

    Good morning everyone! Today is another one of those days where I administered my injection of Humira. I am currently sitting in class trying to push through and make it through the whole day. I was curious if anyone else gets dizzy or nauseous the day that you take Humira? I am trying not...
  4. Gerbskis

    Another day in paradise!

    Good morning! I hope everyone is feeling alright this morning and not letting their disease get the best of them. I have another full week of classes and school work to tackle. Hoping that my symptoms do not get the best of me. I have special accommodations here at school, but I still...
  5. Gerbskis

    Poke day for me! yay!

    Hey there everyone! Today is one of those days where I get to stab myself with Humira! Horrraaayyyy!! hahah I used to be the absolute WORST with needles. I used to faint and freak out like it was the end of the world. Unfortunately, with this disease you sort of have to get used to being poked...
  6. Gerbskis

    Good morning!!

    Good morning! Nothing like a restless night of running to the bathroom to get you ready for a busy day! Even though I had a rough night I am pulling all my remaining energy together to make it through today. It's so easy to just lay in bed; I was thinking about just staying there all day. I...
  7. Gerbskis

    First time using the forum

    Hey there everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself and say a little bit about me and my story. I am 23 years old currently attending college in Harrisonburg, Virginia. I was diagnosed at the age of 13 when I was in middle school. I have had many ups and downs for sure and tried many...