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    Is this how Crohn's starts?

    Hi Everyone, I'm 31 years old male, and I'm dealing with some "stomach issues" since November 2013. It started with gas, cramping and increased frequency of bathroom trips (3-4/day). At the beginning I thought I got IBS, due to stressful situation at work. But stress passed, and issues...
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    Constant pain ang gurgling

    Hi All, I've read that major symptom of Lymphocitic Colitis is watery diarrhoea and sometimes abdominal cramping. I am diagnosed with LC but my symptoms are mainly almost constant pain across my colon and crazy gurgling sounds. Is this common in this disease?
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    ASCA positive Lymphocitic Colitis

    Hi All, I was diagnosed with Lympocitic Colitis based on colon histology (colonoscopy, small bowel MR scan, and calprotectin levels were OK) But it turns out that my ASCA (IgA,IgG) levels are elevated. I've read this almost 100% specific for Crohns. It there anyone else who is ASCA positive...