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    Children and IBD

    I know we've had a discussion or two about how apprehensive us parents have gotten when our kiddos show "symptoms". The paranoia sets in and we freak when there's a tummy ache, a bout of massive d, etc. A while back, I had posted that I was concerned about my middle son's bowels. I mentioned...
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    :::bangs head on desk:::

    I'm sure this has been ranted several times on this board, but boy do I need a moment right about now. F bomb is probably going to drop a few times. I should consider paying my co-pays out to the fuckin' know-it-alls I surround myself with. No, Dad, I do NOT have crohnic right sided pain...
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    Foods and flare

    Has anyone been able to eat something that caused a flare and then eat it another time and be okay with it?
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    Prepping sucks

    It's 1:35pm and I'm starving. That's all...
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    Crohn's cook book

    This ended up in my mailbox under some freebies website I'm subscribed to and I figured I'd pass it along. Sign up for a free Crohn's cook book here https://www.crohnsonline.com/Register.aspx
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    Why does popcorn affect people with Crohn's Disease

    I learned a very valuable lesson yesterday -- popcorn is my new enemy. Keep in mind that my lower right side continously aches 24/7. It never, ever goes away and there's only been a handful of times where food has triggered severe pain (Subway and chocolate), but didn't have the runs with...
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    Barium xray experiences

    The nurse from my doctor's office called me this morning and said that my blood work (CBC panel) came back normal (which it always does, so I know it really doesn't mean much), but they also did the sed rate test, which also came back okay. They said as of now we'll cancel the colonoscopy and...
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    Cost of colonoscopy phohibitively expensive

    So, over a month ago, I saw my GI and we made a colonoscopy appointment. I had asked the receptionist if I was going to have to pay anything upfront (since my insurance only covers 80%) and she said she'd get back into contact with me asap if that was the case. Okay then... A month passes...
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    Lovely (sarcasm)

    I guess it never ends -- it looks like I might end up needing to make a doctor's appointment for my 5 (6 in July) year old son with his doctor. The timing couldn't be more perfect since after all, we're barely able to deal with my funky stomach pain and bowels. :yrolleyes: So, we sort of joke...
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    Lower right side is throbbing, belt line is on fire.

    I have been feeling like crap today big time. My lower right side has been throbbing and the entire 'belt line' feels like it's no fire. No funky poop issues today, either. Blech, I feel so nauseous and just want to go to bed. Just counting down till bedtime for the sprogs, so I can crash...
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    CT/MRI scan

    I've been pondering this for a few weeks and decided to do a little poll. Is there anyone here who has had either CT or MRI imaging done that came back normal, regardless of having Crohn's? I've seen quite a posts where people were given CT scans that came back showing thickening, so I'm...
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    Prep Rx

    I wasn't expecting my Rx and prep instructions in the mail (colonoscopy isn't until June 22nd), but wow, this is going to be rough, lol. I have to start my prep Saturday night (procedure is done on Monday at 10:45am). This sucks! I was hoping for a 24 hour fast, so that I could at least stuff...
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    Mucus and loose stools

    ...I was supposed to have my GI appointment on April 24th, but had to reschule, so FINALLY I get in today! Thanks to lurking/semi-posting a bit on this board, I knew what to expect somewhat. I also knew that it was a possibility that the doctor would "brush off" my symptoms as unfortunately...
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    mucous I have a quick question and have searched the internet, but can't really find a specific description. Ah, the glory of this board -- no such thing as "TMI". :ycool: So, I think I've been passing mucous off and on over the last several weeks. I have an appointment with a GI this...
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    Hello everyone! :)

    Figured I'd make an intro and see if I can get some much needed advice. I've been through hell and back over the past several months with NO answers, grrr. :ymad: I'm in the process of being diagnosed with something. With what? Not too sure and as you all know, CD can mask a lot of...