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    Discountinuing Remicade - Withdrawal Symptoms

    I've discontinued Remicade, and experiencing an onset of joint pain, exhaustion, and general malaise. Has anyone else discontinued Remicade and gone through a period of withdrawal? There's not much information about any withdrawal symptoms out there, so I figure at this pont anecdotal evidence...
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    Onset of Joint/Muscle Pain with Remicade

    I have a question for those of you that have started Remicade recently enough to remember what side effects you noticed. I started Remicade just under a year ago and have noticed a gradual onset of increased pain in joints and muscles, primarily those that get more use - shoulders and knees...
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    Sticky Stem Cells for Crohn's Disease and other IBD

    Now wouldn't it also make sense to also try stem cell therapy on somewhat-healthy Crohn's sufferers? For example, in my case I was diagnosed in '07, quickly flew through drugs like Pentasa, 6-Merc, Apriso, and Lialda, now taking Remicade. I've got severe inflammation but have yet to need...
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    Remicade - Tingling feeling?

    I've had 2 infusions of Remicade for Crohn's, the 2nd about 3 weeks ago, and just 2 days ago I've been getting this wierd buzz/tingling feeling over my whole body. It comes on near noon and lasts until I either take a depressant of some kind (alcohol, cyclobenzaprene) or finally fall asleep...