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    Back again with another potential abscess

    Genuinely thought I wouldn’t be returning had an excellent year following fistula surgery, started to believe maybe it was just ‘bad luck’ as a consultant put it. That is until last week drifting off to sleep and I feel another little pea sized lump on the opposite side to my previous fistula...
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    Your symptoms, typical and unusual.

    Hello I’m new here and undiagnosed. I do however have a fistula and maybe another. I had surgery to partially lay one open and still have another lump which isn’t draining. ANYWAY.. the last few mornings I have been waking up with quite painful lower tummy cramps, painful enough to break me...
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    Perianal abscess

    Hi so I don’t really know where to start. I don’t have crohns, I’m so sorry for you all suffering. A couple of months ago I felt a lump, just under my vagina. I ignored it. This weekend it came back. It felt so large (probably wasn’t) it just hurt to do everything. So I had a hot shower and...