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    Do all your close friends/family know you have a stoma?

    Hi :) It may seem like a slightly odd question, but I was wondering how open you are about having a stoma. It make seem like a contradiction to state this, but I have a number of very good friends who have no idea that I have a stoma. Some of them I have met years after my surgery, and others I...
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    Query re Liquid thickeners.

    Hi :) I have an ileostomy and the output is generally quite watery. I have seen those sachets that you can pop in the bag to help thicken the liquid and was curious if anyone has used them, or could recommend a product? Thanks. Doug
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    How many times do you have to empty during the night?

    Hi I was just wondering how many times, if any, do you have to go to the toilet during the night? I very rarely sleep the whole night through and find myself having to go 1 or 2 times a night. How about you? Thanks :)
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    Growing old with your stoma

    Hi :) So I do appreciate this will only be applicable to a few of us here (those of us with permanent stomas) but I would like to hear from anyone who has a stoma, if they ever think about how their stoma will impact upon their life, when they're a lot older. As a nurse, I come across a...
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    Going to the swimming pool with a stoma

    Hi :) One thing I have never had the courage to do is go to a swimming pool, since having my stoma. I would love to, but just can't. I know some people, men especially, wear t.shirts in the pool, but I think that draws more attention to it. So does anyone here, with a stoma, go swimming...
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    How long did it take to be diagnosed with Crohns?

    Hi :) I'm interested in hearing from you about a couple of things. How long did it take to have your Crohns diagnosed? And did you know anything about Crohns, prior to your being diagnosed? My condition deteriorated very quickly and within the space of a couple of weeks I was displaying all...
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    Do you consider yourself to be disabled?

    Hi (again :wink:) So this is one definition of the word disabled:- dis·a·bled/disˈābəld/ Adjective: (of a person) Having a physical or mental condition that limits movements, senses, or activities. (of an activity, organization, or facility) Specifically designed for or relating to...
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    Have you learnt anything about yourself?

    Forgive me for posting another question, haven't been here too long, but I am just interested in hearing from you if you feel you have learnt anything about yourself as a result of having a stoma or living with crohns/UC? I had my stoma as an emergency procedure and had a subsequent clot on my...
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    Do you pay for your supplies?

    Hi I'm interested in hearing from you about how you get your supplies. I'm from Hertfordshire and I have a permanent ileostomy so get my prescriptions free. However, just recently we received a letter stating that things like stoma sprays, belts and non-essential items will no longer be...