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  1. Welshmammy1990

    Ostomy appliances

    Just wondering what bag and equipment you use? My routine is just before bed I change my ileostomy bag I use the pelicanselect convex bags. Clean with Luke warm water dry off measure the stoma to check the size of it. And recently I've started to use the pelican skin protecters since them I...
  2. Welshmammy1990

    Anyone out there?

    Hi I'm a 22 nearly 23 year old women I have a 2 year old son and I live in South Wales uk. I was diagnosed with Crohn's after an emergency operation which has left me with a permanent ileostomy and short bowel syndrome. I feel so alone my family and fiancé are amazing but they don't understand...
  3. Welshmammy1990

    New here

    Hiya I'm new here but I've been Trollin on here for a while never had the confidence to join I'm 22 years old and have a beautiful boy who is 2 next month I have a fab fiancé we've been 2 getha 4years and an amazing family :) It was my sons 1st birthday on the 21/12/2011 and I had a fab time...