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  1. boussole

    How long in hospital

    Sadly, after many years and many treatments, I will have a surgery this summer to remove my colon and rectum. I agree with my GI about it and I know that my life can't be worse than it is right now so I am okay about it, even if I'm 20. Though I wonder, how many days do we usually stay in...
  2. boussole

    How does food affect a flare

    Hi! I know the opinions are different for many people about it, but I'd like to hear what you think about it. If we are in flare, does food will only increase the symptoms for 1-2 days or can it really harm the healing?
  3. boussole

    Rectal bleeding

    Hello! I’m in a flare for a couple months now. At first it was pretty bad but 8 months on pred stopped the pain and the dark blood. Though at my last scope, my GI saw that there was still inflammation almost only in the rectal area. So I started Cortifoam, it REALLY helped. Now I have...
  4. boussole

    How did you get your diagnosis

    Hello everyone! I've been having IBD since 2010, my GI thought it was Crohn but didn't confirm. But since any of the GI in my area couldn't control my flare that lasts since September, some of them though it was maybe UC and not a Crohn. I had a colonoscopy this week and the GI, almost as...
  5. boussole


    Hello! I know there are already some posts about this treatment, but most of them are a bit old and I'd like some fresh news. Anyone still use it? Or used it and it was not working? How long did it take to work? I remember some people who had success with it but it seems like they do not come...
  6. boussole

    Do the starting dose a second time?

    Hello! I've been reading this forum for a while and always found good advices and infos! My question is: if my pens were not effective for a while, should I do the starting dose again? I wonder because I have been on Humira for almost 3 years and it worked perfectly for me. I went from...
  7. boussole


    Hello! I used Remicade for 1 year before it stopped being effective. THen I wasa on humira for almost three years. It was miraculous for me but sadly it stopped working 2 months ago. I guess the next step would be Enbrel. Has anyone tried it? Also, is it true that for Humira, we can start it...