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  1. Hobbes650

    Prednisone Countdown

    Four weeks from today, Feb 19 is my LAST DAY on Pred! On 5mg ever other day for two weeks, then 2.5mg every other day. Been 8 months already- time to get off this crappy ride. :ybatty: If you are counting the days as I am, please add your date to this thread. We'll all be celebrating with...
  2. Hobbes650

    Indeterminate Colitis?

    Of all the terms for IBD, this one drives me :ybatty: !! I have seen this definition online at ehow.com: "Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a broad term under which fall conditions that cause the tissues of the intestines to become inflamed and swollen. Two conditions associated with IBD...
  3. Hobbes650

    Are you thankful for your IBD?

    I read somewhere, a lady was saying she was thankful for her disease and it got me thinking. I do think there are some things/changes that I went through which have made me a "better" person. But I'm not in the camp of people who would say they are thankful for this disease. I would not wish...
  4. Hobbes650

    The downsides of having a stoma

    Another thread got me thinking- what are the downsides you've experienced with a stoma (compared with before surgery)? I could only think of two: 1) I don't get as much reading done. :poo: 2) I can't do the old "pull my finger" joke. :biggrin: Please add to the list.
  5. Hobbes650

    Girl Cured Through Bone Marrow Transplant

    http://thechronicleherald.ca/canada/237943-bone-marrow-transplant-cures-girl-4-of-bowel-disease#.UMdkYO49Aso.facebook Call me crazy, but how do you say she's cured when you don't know what causes it? On another note, If this kind of treatment does well in other cases, aren't they doing it a...
  6. Hobbes650

    One piece or two?

    I have been wearing one piece pouches ever since surgery, 20+ years ago. But I'm hearing more people tell me they prefer the two piece system. Why? I tried the two piece system once after surgery and back then I preferred the low profile nature of the one piece. However, I'd love to hear...
  7. Hobbes650

    IBD Awareness Week - Bah, humbug :)

    I am very glad for all the interest and support this week generates here in the USA. These kind of things, and especially forums like this one, do SOOOO much to help people through a truly cruel and evil disease. None of this was available when I was first diagnosed in 1986 and I can really...
  8. Hobbes650

    Prednisone messing with my blood work

    My lab tests are all over the map. Get them done each month, and when one test improves, another is messed up. I am taking 15mg now, and my taper takes me into February. My primary doc wants to wait until my next visit in May before addressing anything- after I'm off Pred (my gi doc may think...
  9. Hobbes650

    How fast does wight come off after Pred?

    I am taking 20mg of Pred daily now, and hope to off completely soon. I had a flare up in May and started on 40mg of Pred, but it's been hard to come down because the AZA hasn't kicked in yet. May start Humira before end of the year, but that decision will be made after the next time doc looks...
  10. Hobbes650

    Help Keep Medications Affordable in US!

    http://www.rxrights.org/take-action I am saving TONS of cash by buying my medications from a Canadian pharmacy (which imports them from Great Britain). Washington DC says those drugs are not safe for US citizens and wants to destroy them upon entering our country. Please sign petition to help...
  11. Hobbes650

    Crohn's Vs. UC- Does it REALLY matter which?

    I was reading on the sharecare site, and there was a question asking if someone who has Ulcerative Colitis can develop Crohn's disease. The doctor that responded said they are separate diseases and one does not lead to the other. I would love to know the current thinking regarding these "two"...
  12. Hobbes650

    Letting people know you're sick?

    This is really a general question. Why is it that some people believe you should never let anyone know you're sick? I'm not saying it's good to be an open book by any means. But I find myself, that it's good to have a few close that know. I was originally diagnoses with UC at 18 years old...
  13. Hobbes650

    Reuters Article on Possible New Treatment

    Aritcle is from yesterday. Please disregard if another thread exists (I didn't look). http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/08/24/us-usa-health-parasites-idUKBRE87N0UW20120824
  14. Hobbes650

    What are UC remissions?

    I know, strange question. But here is my point: UC is very damaging, and the colon does not heal itself. So, when people talk about UC remissions, I assume they mean the disease is not active and the medicine is helping to make their lives better. But is that really a remission, or is it just...
  15. Hobbes650

    What makes a bad doctor list

    I've had some real characters, not just for IBD, so wanted to start a thread which generates a list in one place. First of all, a bad doctor is NOT one who is hard to pin down- all good doctors I've had seem to be like that. Good doctors are well known and thus very busy. Remember, IBD has no...
  16. Hobbes650

    UC Surgery Question

    I was wondering how well the newer forms of surgery work for ulcerative colitis. I had my surgery in 1987 (entire removal of colon and rectum), but a small part of my rectum was left in order to reattach my internal j-pouch. Since then, a new procedure (I do not remember the name of it) is...
  17. Hobbes650

    First Time Caller, but long time listener ;)

    So nice to see a board like this, so here's my unique story (trust me on this one). I hope it helps. I was 18 when I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 1986, just three days before my graduation from high school. Early symptoms were unexplained weight loss, followed by bloody loose...