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  1. Tantija

    Does anyone know SCD diet friendly doctor in London, UK?

    Hi everyone! Does anyone know SCD diet friendly doctor in London, UK, please? Thanks in advance.
  2. Tantija

    Specific carbohydrate diet

    specific carbohydrate diet Hi! Has anybody tried specific carbohydrate diet? Thanks.
  3. Tantija

    Has anybody tried fucoidan

    Hi, everyone! Will be very interesting to know if anyone tried fucoidan and what are results. Thank you.
  4. Tantija

    MRI scan and Azathioprine

    Hi, everyone! I had MRI test in the middle of March and went back to the doctor on 18th of April for the results. He said that my test is showing more inflammation comparing with MRI I had in 2009 for my ovaries cysts. I was sure that they do not have anything to compare with but apparently...
  5. Tantija

    My story

    I am not sure I am in the right place :)) I am sorry I have never used forums before and quite confused :)) Hi, all. I am very sorry as my English is not perfect, please be patient :) I have been ill from 1997 (at age 26), but for a long time nobody could tell me what is going on with me. I...