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    Kathleen Baker - Olympic silver medalist

    Hi all Saw these great articles regarding Kathleen Baker who recently won silver in 100 back and thought I would share. Btw she has crohns. May want Kleenex close. http://www.nbcolympics.com/news/posnanski-kathleen-bakers-silver-medal-represents-more-best-race-her-life...
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    Bone infection - humira?

    Hi all Been a while since I posted...I do check in now and then and my heart hurts for all the kiddos and families dealing with this lousy disease. H continues to be in remission, knock wood. There have been a few bumps in the road. He developed antibodies to remicade about a year ago and...
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    Fecal transplant article in 12/1/14 "The New Yorker"

    http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2014/12/01/excrement-experiment The Excrement Experiment Treating disease with fecal transplants. BY EMILY EAKIN Really good article. Written for general public not just medical audience. discusses micro biome, crohns, delivery methods, fda/approvals needed/...
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    Getting Your Microbes Analyzed Raises Big Privacy Issues

    A story on National Public Radio this week http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2013/11/04/240278593/getting-your-microbes-analyzed-raises-big-privacy-issues You can listen to the story on their webpage Getting Your Microbes Analyzed Raises Big Privacy Issues by Rob Stein November 04, 2013 3:16 AM...
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    Are labs done for every infusion?

    My son is doing well on remicade (knock wood). They were not going to do bloodwork this time since he is responding well. I requested they do them as I was not comfortable not checking. Do they run labs every time or sometimes not? Thanks
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    Sticky Paediatric IBD - Articles and Research

    Gut Bacteria We Pick Up As Kids Stick With Us For Decades I posted this in the main research section. Thought i would post it here for the other parents. You can listen to the story, it is about 3 and a half minutes and more in depth than the written piece. Story is easy to follow. I found it...
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    Gut Bacteria We Pick Up As Kids Stick With Us For Decades

    http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2013/07/04/198372950/gut-bacteria-we-pick-up-as-kids-stick-with-us-for-decades Heard this story on the radio on the way home tonight. If you go to the link you can listen to the story which is more in depth and talks some about IBD Gut Bacteria We Pick Up As...
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    Swimming Pool (Rash?) Question

    Hi there H mentioned he had an itchy rash on the inside of his elbow a week ago Thursday. It spread on Friday and on Saturday we went to pediatrician and was dx contact dermatitis. We put him on Zyrek and benedryl and it seemed to get better although it has not gone away. The dr also...
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    Shareholder letter TNI Biotech -- LDN info

    http://www.tnibiotech.com/investor-relations/press-releases/154-tni-biotech-inc-corporation-s-ceo-issues-letter-to-shareholders-discussing-recent-events TNI BioTech, Inc. Corporation's CEO Issues Letter to Shareholders Discussing Recent Events May 16 2013 TNI BioTech, Inc. Corporation's CEO...
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    Tracking lab results

    I have seen it mentioned in posts, but I can not find the info... How do you track the lab results to see trends and when things are in or not in normal ranges? Is there a good app or spreadsheet? Thanks
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    Fifths Disease? Remicade

    H's twin was dx a couple of weeks ago with fifths disease. Not a big deal for him as it is a common childhood illness. per kidshealth.org Complications The majority of kids with fifth disease recover with no complications. By the time the rash appears and while it's present, they usually feel...
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    GEM project. CCFC study of siblings of people with crohns.

    I looked into this as I thought my boys would be good candidates since they are identical twins. In US there are two locations one in providence RI and one in CT. The boys may participate when we visit MA next summer. I know many of us parents have concerns regarding the possibilities of...
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    Podcast Sylviane Forget: Crohn’s disease in Canada: Environment or genetics?

    Podcast Sylviane Forget: Crohn’s disease in Canada: Environment or genetics? http://podcasts.mcgill.ca/health-2/sylviane-forget-crohns-disease-in-canada-environment-or-genetics/ Sylviane Forget: Crohn’s disease in Canada: Environment or genetics? Canada has the world’s highest incidence of...
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    Options? - Remicade, MTX or 6MP

    Options? - Remicade, MTX or 6MP - Remicade update Looking for advice...This has not been a great week. My 11 yr old son, H, was dx last October. Up until recently, he was considered mild and was doing fairly well on aza. This week we went to doctor and he has a perianal fistula. :eek2...
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    Gut-on-a-chip. New technology to study gut.

    Not sure if this was posted before. Looks promising for future research. Heard about in on NPR Science friday http://wyss.harvard.edu/viewpressrelease/80/ Harvard's Wyss Institute Creates Living Human Gut-on-a-Chip Date: Mar 27, 2012 By simulating the structure, microenvironment, and...
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    Listened to a radio show today called the people's pharmacy. The show is about food as medicine. So I checked out the website and found this article and comments re coconut cookies / coconut and D. Many mention that it helped their ibd symptoms. This could be an easy sell to my son...
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    Study -possible effect of human microbiome on vaccine effectiveness

    Thought this was interesting. Was funded by Canadian crohns and colitis foundation. Link from Ted.com Jonathan eisen talk comments http://www.ted.com/talks/jonathan_eisen_meet_your_microbes.html http://www.plospathogens.org/article/info%3Adoi%2F10.1371%2Fjournal.ppat.1001190 Open Access OPINION...
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    Benecalorie ?

    Nestlé nutrician store included a case of Benecalorie with our breeze order. Has anyone used this? Have suggestions on how to slip it into a 11 yr olds food without much notice for days when not that hungry...
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    IBD 101 video series from U of M

    Watched these videos this morning. I thought they were well done and easy to understand. It was under the general ibd discussion. Thanks to SherryLynn for posting. http://www.crohnsforum.com/showthread.php?t=39245 Found this video series on the web and It sure does help! Thought I would...
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    Growth in CD kids

    Hi there :sign0085: I would like to take Patricia56 up on her offer re growth on farm girls thread. Welcome to the group.:welcome::welcome: We had the boys appointments yesterday. H, CD dx twin, is doing pretty good and is growing but velocity has not increased. Since he has identical twin...