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    Got a referral to the Cleveland Clinic

    My GI doctor has referred me to the Cleveland Clinic for their recommendation on further treatment for Crohn's Disease. My appointment is Friday Aug 31 with Dr. Achkar. I hope they can come up with a better treatment plan than what I'm currently on. Wish me luck.
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    Cipro Question

    I was prescribed Cipro for my prostate being inflamed. I am wondering how this medicine affetcs Crohn's Disease. Will it make the D worse or better?
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    NOD2 Crohn's Prognostic Test Results

    I had the Prometheus IBD Serology 7 blood test two years ago that showed I had a pattern consitent with Crohn's Disease after a colonoscopy had revealed inflammation in my terminal ileum. I am currently not getting a huge benefit that I can tell from 10mg/kg Remicade administered every 6 weeks...
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    Advice on switching to Humira

    I'm currently on remicade for crohn's disease in the terminal ileum. I started remicade Feb 2011 at 5mg/kg. After the loading doses, the remicade seemed to do ok for about 4-5 weeks before I started feeling bad again. In September 2011 I was increased to 10 mg/kg at a 6 week interval. Now I...
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    Help with Medicines for pain and Cramping

    I am diagnosed with Crohn's Disease with inflammation of the termnal ileum. My doctor recently diagnosed me with IBS due to the cramping and sometimes stabbing pain throughout my abdomen. I am currently on Remicade at 10 mg/kg at a 6 week interval. The remicade definitely helps, but does...
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    New Member

    Hi, I have been visiting and reading posts on this website for about a year now. I thought I would finally join and share my story with everyone. I'll share my story although it is pretty much an identical copy of most everybody elses story...lol. This is an awful, awful disease. RA tuns in...