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  1. heatherb

    Sticky Crohn's Forum Candle Room

    I have no image to post - just heartfelt sorrow. May you rest in peace. x
  2. heatherb

    First ever appointment with a GI - what to expect/ask?

    Hi everyone I just wanted a bit of advice really around GI appointments. I've never been to see any form of specialist for anything (well, hearing but I was a kid) and have been referred by my GP to a GI for a consultation. My main question is what to expect from that appointment and is there...
  3. heatherb

    Gluten free food blog

    Hi all I've started making a blog with recipes etc. which are gluten free friendly, since being diagnosed myself. http://glutenfreefriendly.blogspot.co.nz/ Just thought I'd share with you all in case anyone is interested. It's only in the beginning stages, but I hope you like it :) Thanks...
  4. heatherb

    Interpreting results - B12, Liver enzymes, celiacs

    Hi I had blood tests done the other day and got the results back this morning. The nurse said my B12 levels were very low, that my liver enzymes were raised and that I'd tested positive for celiacs. I understand celiacs obviously, but the B12 and liver enzymes are a bit confusing to me in...
  5. heatherb

    Dumb question - fecal specs

    Hi Really stupid question. I've been given 2 packs of stuff to do fecal specs. They want one sample one day and one the following day. It's like a tray you poop into and then a scooper for the sample pot. Is there a set time of day to do this/a better time of day to do it? The nurse didn't...
  6. heatherb

    Food, eating, diarrhea - what to do.

    Hi all This should probably either go in the 'undiagnosed' bit or the diet and nutrition bit, but what I'm more interested in/need help with is how to manage this in terms of IBD. A bit about me: Currently undiagnosed. I have blood tests tomorrow and also some fecal specs to do. My symptoms...
  7. heatherb

    Ouch. And GREEN?!!!

    Hi This might be a bit random but I'm in a bit of a pickle tonight. Had an OK-ish day... bit feverish but nothing major. A powerade seemed to sort me out in the afternoon and I was able to work a little (supervisors hassling me). Made some pasta for dinner and then a little later I had...
  8. heatherb

    Pain when cleaning myself (sorry TMI)

    Hi I didn't know where to put this so sorry if it's the wrong place. I've been having chronic diarrhea for a while now together with various other things - never constipation/normal bm's. Anyway I went to the bathroom tonight and cleaned myself up as usual and had the most intense pain down...
  9. heatherb

    Probably unrelated - but a question

    Hi Random question. This is probably totally unrelated... but does anyone get any weird sensations in their extremities. The soles of my feet are perpetually hot. Like I want to stick them in a bucket of ice. I mean it's humid here, but not excessively... and I'm not actually *hot* but my...
  10. heatherb

    Weird noises

    Hi I've been having a lot of issues with chronic diarrhea but for some reason the past two days my bowels have been incredibly noisy and I can feel movement on the lower left hand side. This is coupled with having to dash to the bathroom, but the gurgling/popping/growling has been going on all...
  11. heatherb

    Holiday precautions

    Hi I've been thinking (and worrying) about Xmas day. I'm at my cousins for a few days and she likes to cook with copious amounts of everything. I'm at the undiagnosed stage but have constant, chronic diarrhea so this is a worry for me. When I eat I have the urge to go to the bathroom and...
  12. heatherb

    Skin flare-ups related to stomach/bowels?

    Hi I'm new to all of this and currently due to have some tests done after Xmas for various things (lots of blood work and stool samples etc). Basically since my stomach/bowels have been really bad over the past 6-8 months so has my skin. On my lower face I get really sore, dry spots that...
  13. heatherb

    Just... super vent

    I have to vent right now. It's 3am and I can't sleep because of stomach pains. That and constant trips to the bathroom. Those of you who've seen my stuff on the undiagnosed thread might understand a little more. I'm just so bloody sick of it. I'm 26 meant to be in the prime of life and yet...
  14. heatherb

    Eggs, tuna and supplements?

    Hi I've been going through various threads as I'm desperately looking for something to eat that's not going to cause me grief doing so! Lost count of the things that are causing this at the moment to the point I'm going to start a food diary. I think pasta is a big no-no for me which is SUCH...