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    Making SCD yogurt using lactose free milk and can I use starter from Trader Joe’s organic yogurt?

    Has anyone made it with lactose free milk? Are there potential problems with it? I looks like ALL the yogurt from Trader Joe’s contains bifidus which according to Breaking the Vicious Cycle is illegal. What to do? Does it really matter?
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    Mapping the gut

    Something to keep an eye on...
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    Poor clearance of pathogens within macrophages.

    Challenging article, but interesting nevertheless (after a few reads! 😉)... It discusses the mechanism whereby macrophages fail to clear pathogens within their walls. This sentence stood out: “LACC1 genetic variants are associated with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) (Jostins et al., 2012)...
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    Redhill's latest press release clearly shows their RHB104 phase 3 results.

    Hard to understand people's reluctance to consider this treatment. Please see page 22-34 for relevant info: https://ir.redhillbio.com/static-files/f465e5e9-5f4d-4f71-9584-b7958715e8d5?fbclid=IwAR2upo2HGLH-hrwNJBgJEKmpBvOShD7sppnGWgOHN9tKLQ0kMJVApcwzO0A
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    UK residents and citizens, please lend your support!

    If you are a resident of the UK or a citizen residing anywhere in the world, you can lend your voice and support by signing a letter regarding the UK medical guidelines (NICE) for Crohn's disease. The letter is asking NICE to consider adding the triple antibiotic treatment to the guidelines so...
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    Another Webinar from Qu Biologics

    This time, “the geniuses behind the science here at Qu Biologics will be talking about what makes QBECO SSI completely different from most available IBD therapies.” Coming up next Thursday. “June 14th 2018 WEBINAR – What’s so different about QBECO? Why it’s unlike any other biologic. The...
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    QuBiologics new phase 2 trial recruiting soon

    Calling all Canadians! I got this communiqué from QuBiologics and wanted to share: "We're getting closer to the launch of our #Canadian phase 2 clinical trial for adults with moderate to severe #CrohnsDisease (www.quibd.com). If you live in #Canada, think you'd like to participate and want...
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    Redhill announces plans for a MAP test trial

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    Redhill MAP test?

    I went on the Redhill site and found this announcement. Does this mean that they will soon have a diagnostic test available? I know they have partnered with Quest Diagnostics to develop a test and they bought a technology from the University Of Minnesota, but I have not been able to get any...
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    MAP diagnostic test Crowdrise site

    There is now an online site, created by Amy Hermon-Taylor which is a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization, where Americans can donate to the Crohn's MAP diagnostic test to accompany the vaccine trial, allowing donations to be tax deductible...
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    RHB-104 anti-MAP trial

    I know many of you already are aware of this, but I am posting for those who may not know. Those of you who are in the United States and I think Canada may want to contact Redhill or http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT01951326?term=RHB-104&rank=2 to see if you can participate in the trial...
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    Son just diagnosed with Crohn's

    My son was just diagnosed with Crohn's after a very lengthy process starting in January. He did not display the usual symptoms of cramping and diarrhea but he was plagued with a mouth full of canker sores going all the way down his throat. We thought at first it was simply stress related (he was...