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    Standard drug level for Stelara?

    Does anyone know what the level is suppose to be at for Stelara. My son's is at 2, we are thinking it is to be higher, more like 4 or 5. he has just switched from remicade and not sure it is working. thank you.
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    Remicade in Boston

    my son moving to Boston after just graduating. He will need to get remicade on the weekend. Anyone know if a good infusion center that open Saturdays. Mass General and Tufts Med Center infusion centers only open during the week and don't want people going outside their infusion centers. He...
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    Combination Therapy - Remicade and Imuran

    Anyone have any research or experience with Remicade and Imuran. Drs want my 19 year old to be on both. He was on Imuran for 5 years and all was great. he discontinued and now disease is back. We are concerned about Lymphoma risk etc. thank you.
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    Remicade, male fertility

    I have one son 22, on remicade since 2012. His younger brother, 19, will need to start, he has been on imuran off and on for 7 years. Any updates on if remicade causes infertility? I'm thinking of having him freeze some sperm before he starts. He has been drug free for about a year and seems...
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    Remicade and cold sores

    does anyone get cold sores on the side of their mouth while on Remicade. My son has been on almost a year and now has just gotten cold sores that he can't get rid of. Not fun for college boy. Any suggestions? thank you.
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    Remicade and allergy shots

    does anyone take allergy shots while on remicade. My son stopped the allergy shots this fall when diagnosed with Crohns and beginning remicade. But now they are acting up. It's all related I know but can you do both? thanks.
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    Remicade and Creatine

    My teenage son is on Remicade..just started, and wants to start taking Creatine. Is there problems with this? thank you.
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    Has anyone every had any issues with RemiStart program? My son, 18, just diagnosed and will need to go on this to close fistulas. It scares me. The medicine and the costs. thank you.
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    Crohns and cross country

    Is or does anyone have a high schooler that runs on the Cross Country team that has mild Crohns? Are there any complications or issues. thank you.
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    Weight gain

    weight gain My son (13) can't gain weight. He was diagnosed with Crohn's in Dec. Is on Imuran 1 1/2 pill a day and lots of natural things. Has perscription protein powder shakes daily.. but still is not back to his pre-crohn's weight. He really has a lack of appetite too. He does not eat wheat...
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    My son developed Crohns in December. Took budesodine for four weeks and now been on imuran for six. He is not eating Dairy, Wheat, pork or beef due to high sensativity levesl from a IGg test. He feels much better, gained a little weight, but still has bad gas in the evenings. Does the gas ever...
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    Imuran side effects

    My 12 year old son is weaning of entocort and has started imuran, been on 1 week now. I have noticed a bump on the back of his head. He did not get hit or run into anything. He says it does hurt. Is this side effect from entocort or imuran? I have read that imuran can cause benign growths, but...
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    Budesodine for teens

    My 12 year old son just been diagnosed with Crohns, they "think." Sereology 7 came back negative, but he can't gain weight and has bad spot on Ileum. I need to get him on some medicine but am paniced about steriods. Anyone have a teen on budesodine and what are the side effects? Does it work...