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    Crohns or hemmoriod bleeding in stool

    I have an internal hemmoriod and my crohns is also going through a flare every week I have lots of blood with my dhiarrea tmi sorry 😏. How the hell do u know which one it is that's bleeding I'm so confused don't know weather to keep using my hemmoriod creams or go to the hospital I'm also 21...
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    Anyone ever been category d meds while pregnant ?

    I'm on so many medications while pregnant to my second to avoid having a major flare after giving birth as this happened in my first pregnancy though I'm scared as I don't know of anyone with crohns to tell me if they took meds and baby was fine. So far on gentamicin prednisone and pentasa
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    Hmmm confused😐

    Does certain foods really cause crohns to result in bowel resection and strictures, inflamation ?
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    Newbie 😌 My story

    Hi guys hope your all doing well My names ebru and I'm a mother of one with another on the way. I'm 28 years young and have had 3 bowel resections in 10 years. Was formally diagnosed when I was 17 but have had it since 16.( doctors though I was just being a sook 😂😂) Have failed on humira and...