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  1. Mellybean

    Purinethol/Mercaptopurine and pregnancy...halp!!!

    Okay so following my trip to the ER, I've been hospitalised since Tuesday. Had many many discussions with my awesome, amazing and very knowledgeable doctor about treatment. At the moment, we agreed to keep taking purinethol as long as necessary and stop the medication as soon as my condition...
  2. Mellybean

    When to worry?

    Hello all!! So I'm 9-10 weeks pregnant, although not confirmed by ultrasound yet. Since my period wasn't regular, I may be further along judging by the fit of my clothes lol! Anyhoo. I found out I was expecting about a month after a flare. Right before starting full time college classes, in...
  3. Mellybean

    Gross alert! Poop colour?

    Hey, yeah. Gross question. Should I worry about pale stools? I've been bouncing back and tapering my pred, but lately I notice my poop getting pale. Like a milky coffee colour. Dr Google is giving me scary info about liver failure and parasites and quite frankly, it's a bit scary! I'm thinking...
  4. Mellybean

    Heat sensitivity?

    Lately I've been noticing that I'm having reactions to heat. Like in a hot shower or bath, which was so soothing last week. I feel flush, faint and dizzy at the regular temperature I shower in... Bit of a bummer, as it was a good way to get relief from belly pains! Anyone else experience that?
  5. Mellybean

    Fear of negative results? Seriously?

    So I'm starting to think I lost it. Called my doc to let him know how the prednisone did little to help the discomfort, although it has opened my appetite and gave me a bit of a hard time sleeping since starting Friday. So now, I have to up the prednisone to 40mg, go for more blood work...
  6. Mellybean

    Baaaad gross itchies!

    Well, first an update: I'm bad on the pred train and off work for a while. Still feeling pretty yucky, despite some improvements...but my bum is soooo darn itchy! I know, gross. But what are your tricks to helping the bum itchies?? I mostly do baths and some of my baby's ihle's paste, and other...
  7. Mellybean

    What not to say...and what to say instead!

    Well, I have to share this. I realized that I absolutely hate this phrase: "It could be worse" Sure, it could be worse, it could be much much worse. But I realize that in saying that it could be worse to a person that isn't feeling well, we negate the fact that for them, it is worse right...
  8. Mellybean

    Prednisone or no?

    Aack! Just had a bit of an issue. After discussing with the doctor that follows me for my Crohn's, he sent me to the e.r Friday with pretty damn intense symptoms. Like, going to the washroom every hour, on average, and not being able to keep anything down. E.r doc, an absolute gem of a doc...
  9. Mellybean

    Fall downfalls. and boobs.

    Okay, it won't matter if anyone reads this but I do appreciate having a place to do that people will be able to relate. I got a sweet adorable wild and fun 8 month old that's breastfeed. And it's fall! Yay! I get to see my belly beast go wild with the crohn's and colitis. Fun. I feel like...
  10. Mellybean

    Bloating and bloating!!

    Hi all...I just figured I could post this and see what you lovely folks come up with. So right now my crohn's/colitis is acting up, and I find that once again, I inflate and deflate all the time!! Basically, it fluctuates daily. But, it's a pant size difference. And having just lost 30 pounds...
  11. Mellybean

    Another story of another belly

    Hi everyone! Just figured I'd pop by and introduce myself, as I really do intend to be an active member of the forum...hopefully! So I've been diagnosed with Crohn's and ulcerative colitis in 2005, after a year of blaming it on endometriosis, what a pain that was. Luckily I found an amazing doc...