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    Family history of Crohn’s.... anyone??

    Just curious: how many of you have a family history of IBD, and how many of you have no idea where it came from?
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    Low B12

    Anyone have low B12 prior to diagnosis?
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    Normal Fecal Calprotectin?

    My FC test came back not elevated. The gastro says since my FIT test and FC came back normal, there is no need for a colonoscopy. I am 42 and in Canada. I am worried about possible Crohns or something worse. How accurate are these tests, and should I be pushing for more? I feel like a...
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    What does your Crohn’s pain feel like?

    And where is it located? Would anyone describe their pain as ‘side stitch’ in nature, but all over?
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    Eye Problems / Iritis

    Is chronic iritis/uveitis a thing? And if it is, is it obvious you have it? Can it be diagnosed by an optometrist, or just an ophthalmologist? My eyeballs have been sore for a very long time. Like, they feel bruised. I’ve gone to two different optometrists, who tell me there is nothing wrong...
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    Diagnosed after 40?? Anyone???

    I’m 41. In the process of ruling other things out. I’m curious if anyone here was diagnosed between the ages of 35-45-ish??? I know there tends to be a spike in diagnoses after the age of 60, but I feel like I’m right outside of both of the ‘typical’ age groups for Crohn’s diagnoses. That said...
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    Loss of appetite?

    Can anyone comment if loss of appetite occurs during your flares? It’s a symptom I am struggling with. Not yet diagnosed, but Crohns is a possibility. I’m not avoiding eating to avoid pain, either, just not hungry! TIA.
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    Mouth ulcers as early symptom?

    I have been having issues since July. I got severe diarrhea for 6 weeks... did all the stool tests - all negative. Diarrhea went away for a while. Came back over Christmas, and is ongoing, although usually only once or twice a day. However, I have had TERRIBLE mouth ulcers several times over the...
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    Pain AFTER bowel movement?

    Does anyone get intense lower abdominal pain AFTER a bowel movement? If I strain at all, I get intense pain on the lower right side during, and for a little while after a bowel movement. It seems like most other people get the pain before, but mine is definitely more intense during & after...
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    What were your symptoms at diagnosis?

    Did you have classic symptoms? Did you have blood in your stool? Getting diagnosed isn’t easy!!! I appreciate the feedback!
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    Pain Question

    I am undiagnosed as yet, but I am wondering if pain in the terminal ileum can mimic ovary pain? My symptoms came on very suddenly one afternoon in July. I was fine in the morning, and was hit by terrible cramps and watery diarrhea that lasted 6 weeks. I did every possible stool test, blood work...