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    Vitamin d prick test

    Hi all I have been looking at how to get a vit d blood test to check my levels and I know my gp won't do it so I have found this service at Sandwell and Dudley hospital for £25 and I was wondering has any used it or done something like this and did it give a true reading Here is the link for...
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    Does your Crohn's get worse once the dark nights set in?

    Hi all I was wondering if anyone has noticed that their crohns gets worse once those dark nights have set in?
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    Serum potassium

    Hi folks I returned to work at the end of march after a five month flair, just before I returned to work I had a B!2 jab as it was 202 and I was complaining of tiredness. I am still the same and its now 327 so I am going to have another next week. But just got bloods back and my potassium...
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    Feacal calprotectin

    feacal calprotectin hi has anyone had one of these as my GI in the uk says its the best way to check infamatoray marks for ibd?
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    questran Hi I was wondering how many people take questran to help ease their big d. Did your gp give it to you to help you did you have to push for it?
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    Vitamin D injections

    Hi I was wondering how many people get a vit d injection or even have there levels tested?
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    How do you stop your D

    Hi guys Sorry to post again! but im having probs with the big d again. I was wondering what people use to control it. I have used lopermide and lotim just wondered if anyone else uses something diffrent?
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    Hi all This post is not for me this time thank god but... I mate went for his colonoscopy had four liters of the prep but was still dirty, so he has had to be done again but this time 2 senocots each night for three nights followed by five liters of the stuff is that normal? All I can say is...
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    Blood test results

    Hi all Just wondered if anyone has had these abnormal tests back Serum gamma glutamyl transferase level range (0-50) mine is 67 Serum inorganic phosphate range (0.80-1.50) mine is 0.56 I am on methotrexate, but my full blood count is normal. Anyone have any ideas or had simular problem...
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    Hi Just intrested to tell you all that my previous GI consulant now belives and has evidence that hypnotherapy can calm and reduce the pain and effects of crohns. I had a 13 week session of it on the NHS when the belived it was IBS. Would anynone belive this or have tried hypnotherapy for...
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    Bile smelling poo

    Hi Firstly sorry if I have put this in the wrong place but anyway: I have been noticing that when I go th the loo the smell is horrid and smells like bile, I do have a few gallstones but after advise from a surgon the best thing was not to have it removed. So... I was wondering does anyone...
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    Sore Throat

    Hi all Just wondered do people taking immo drugs get sore throats? I know it can be a sign theres a problem, but how to do tell the differance? Just intrested in other peoples take on it Cheers
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    Hi All Just wondered what people would do it this situation. I have 15cm of crohns in my small bowel but it is causing me some what issues, Im on my third drug treatment and have got off the steriods, but still have issues. My friend said why not get it cut out and see how you are. I would...
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    Is it an MTX issue

    Hi all I did my jab yesterday and within 10 mins my ears went bright red, and again the same thing tonight. I have also noticed my abdo pain has increased along with my bowel movement but is still forming any ideas will call my ibd nurse on monday
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    What Supplements do you take?

    I was wondering what supplements everyone takes, as everytime I go into a health store they always come up with more things. Im taking the following Lquid D3 Calcium and mag mix caps Folic acid because of the MTX Probiotic
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    B12 injections for those in normal level

    Hi all I have just got a copy of my blood resuilts from November 2011 and my value was 339 which is normal, but im very tired, moody etc just looking at the range they use (172-1162) I think im at the lower end of the scale. does anyone else have b12 injections even if they are within the...
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    Advice needed!

    Hi Guys Well I am unsure about what to do, I have been off work now since Nov and only just starting to feel better but the tiredness is the worse, so I went to get reviewed at my GP since my last flexi sig I have been getting horrable twitches going up my backside causing me to jump these...
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    Probs after flexi sig and bowel prep

    Hi I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and can suggest what I should do. On Monday I had my Flexi Sig with a fleet enenma, since 7pm on Monday night I have nothing but diarrhoea, I spoke to my IBD nurse and asked what I should do, she said just to ride it out as the prep might...
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    Big D after flexi Sig

    Hi all Had a flexi sig yesterday all went ok, BUT after about six hours i started with D and its never stopped, could this be becuase some of the enema was still in me? any advice would be great!
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    Flexi sig

    flexi sig has anyone had one without sedation?? if so was it painful?