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  1. RHOV

    My hair is falling out

    my hair is falling out I've been losing gobs of hair each day for the past few months. I know we're supposed to lose about 100 strands each day, but every time I take a shower, I have to clear the drain because hair clogs it. And this is in addition to strands falling out during the day. I've...
  2. RHOV

    Vocabulary Lesson

    I've had this thread in mind for a while. I thought it would be helpful for people (especially the newly-diagnosed) to make sure they have the proper spellings for all IBD-related words. It might make it simpler when researching! Crohn's Disease Ulcerative Colitis Bowels Intestines...
  3. RHOV


    psoriasis? I have a had a scaly, itchy rash on my arms and legs for a few months now. It seems to be getting progressively worse, so I've been researching psoriasis. Based on a few pictures I've found, I think I might have mild plaque psoriasis. Does anyone else have (or know someone who has)...
  4. RHOV

    Appalling treatment in the hospital

    appalling treatment in the hospital AgentX20 mentioned in another thread that he would wait to share his horrible hospital stories for another thread, so here it is! what's the worst experience you've had while in the hospital? rude nurses? mix-ups? ten million blood draws from the same poor...
  5. RHOV

    Remicade Club Support Group

    It seems like a bunch of people are just starting Remicade and looking for advice. I'm starting to lose track of everyone in the IV league! I thought it would be helpful for everyone on Remicade to make themselves known and share their experiences in one nice consolidated thread. I've been on...
  6. RHOV

    Swollen lymph nodes

    swollen lymph nodes a few weeks ago the lymph node on the right side of my neck was swollen, painful, and tender. i didn't notice when it went away, but today i discovered that the node on the left side of my left neck (right under my ear) is swollen. Does this happen to anyone else? and what...
  7. RHOV

    Stool color question

    TMI warning... for the past few days, my stool has been GREEN. not just greenish, really green. What is causing this? i haven't been eating anything unusual. I do take 2 multivitamins with iron, but if that were the cause, wouldn't this have happened every time I take the vitamins?
  8. RHOV

    College essay RANT

    college essay RANT [begin rant] I've decided to write my college application essay on what crohn's has taught me and the obstacles i've overcome. you'd think it would be easy, but i'm so stuck! I can't think of what to write and everything i've written so far is crap. worse crap than when i'm...
  9. RHOV

    Natural remedies/spices

    natural remedies/spices there have been lots of posts about the possible benefits of things like mangosteen juice, or aloe, or pineapple, etc. I was wondering if anybody actually incorporates some of these things into their diets. I haven't experimented with any exotic fruits, but I have...
  10. RHOV

    IV steroids

    Sorry I've been MIA for a while... I went on a trip to shop for colleges. It will take me days to read all the posts I missed! I saw my rheumatologist today, and she wants to give me 500 mg of steroids with my next Remicade to help with the inflammation of my TMJ. Are the side effects of a huge...
  11. RHOV

    Specific carbohydrate diet

    specific carbohydrate diet I don't think Remicade is for me. I have only been able to go 5 1/2 weeks since my last infusion (which was a double dose!) before I started to flare again. I'm in kind of a tight place right now. I'm trying to move my next Remicade infusion up, but I have an MRI on...
  12. RHOV

    Doc appt today--MRI?

    doc appt today--MRI? I went to see my rheumatologist today and I brought up the tingling feeling that I have been getting in my hands/feet/arms/legs. I thought it was a side effect of Remicade, but they want to do an MRI to rule out any neurological problems. They're also going to get a scan of...
  13. RHOV

    Take Steps Walk

    Hi all! I am participating in Seattle's Take Steps walk to raise awareness and research money for Crohn's and UC. I am REALLY looking forward to it. I don't know anyone else with Crohn's (people met online don't really count--sorry!) and I am hoping to find some people near me to connect with...
  14. RHOV

    Remicade side effect?

    remicade side effect? I am not sure if this is a side effect of Remicade or something else, but here's what's up: My arms and legs get a tingling feeling on and off all day long, whether I am sitting down or moving around. It feels like a mild version of the "pins and needles" when your leg...
  15. RHOV

    Cost of remicade

    cost of remicade For everyone who gets Remicade: how much do your infusions cost? I know it's an expensive treatment, but i was pretty surprised when my bill was $7,000 (before insurance) for one infusion. The actual drug was around 4 thousand, but when you add up all the special nursing...
  16. RHOV


    My doctor just called and told me that he wants to try Remicade. Azothioprine (75 mgs) and prednisone (30 mgs) and Cipro haven't been able to keep me in remission or help me get over my latest flare. I have also had some major problems with joint pain, so I got sent to the rheumatologist...
  17. RHOV

    Joint pain

    joint pain I have been having pain in my joints lately. Specifically my shoulders, jaw, and left knee. Joint pains were one of my major symptoms when I was diagnosed a few months ago. I haven't had any other symptoms recently. Is my current joint pain due to Crohn's, or is it something else...
  18. RHOV

    Introducing myself

    Hi, I'm Suzanna. I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in May of 2007. I was 15 and a sophomore in high school. I experienced severe abdominal cramps several times a day for about 8 moths prior to the official diagnosis. By March, I was having diarrhea up to 10 times a day, including at night...