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    Should I start pred?

    I've been med free for a year now but at my last blood test my GI Noticed my CRP was 17 I told me to start a course of pred for two months starting at 40mg and reducing 5mg per week. This will be the first time since 2014 since I've been on it, I'm reluctant to take it due to my heart going in...
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    Advice needed!!

    Hi I'm looking for advice about my medication,I've been on mercaptopurune for 5 years but this year I've struggled with infections and have been hospitized a lot due to this. My local gp has said it's probably due to my medication so I stopped my meds for a week to try and give my body a chance...
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    Burnt out crohns!!

    I had an MRI a few weeks ago that revealed burnt out Crohn's disease,the doc says this is the cause of me getting blocked up and causing me colicky pain. The other thing I want to ask is what can I eat to stop this happening and what meds can stop me getting blocked up? Any feedback would be...
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    Adhesion pain????

    Is it possible for adhesions to cause me pain 8 years after abdomanal surgery?
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    This year I've had a lot of problems with bloating,sickness,fever and right side pain around the bottom of my rib cage and the only thing that helps is morphine. I've had about 10 admissions to hospital this year and had so many tests MRI scan 2x ct scans Colonoscopy Endoscopy Abdomanal X-rays...
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    Adhesions help!!

    After about 10 admissions this year my GI thinks it's not crohns causing problems it's adhesions. Is there anything I can do to help myself?he said the risk of surgery is causing more adhesions. Any info would be appreciated
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    Pain but crp only 7??

    I've been having problems with Crohns since the start of the year with right side pain,bloating.I was just released from hospital after a 3 day stay where the only gave me tramadol for pain. This has been on going for nearly a year I've had ct scans and colonoscopy and now waiting for an MRI. My...
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    Reducing steroids pain coming back!!!

    I've been on steroids for most of this year on and off but every time I start to reduce the dose my symptoms return,sickness,bloating,and really bad stomach pain. I had a colonoscopy and gastrocopy on Saturday where I have inflammation around the join from previous surgery and a hiatus hernia...
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    Klean prep/colonoscopy

    Today I've been drinking klean prep for my colonoscopy tomorrow morning,I've drank 3 and a bit litres of the 4 I am supposed to but I fee horrid and sick.My bowel motions are like water and I'm wondering if I will get away with just drinking the 3 and a bit litres or will I have to finish the 4...
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    Biological medication!!!!

    Hi guys my GI told me today he wants to try biological medication due to my Crohns not settling. How many of you are on these meds and are they working for you?
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    Low potassium all the time.Help!!

    Hi guys I've been struggling with low potassium levels due to chronic dirreahea for months now one of the times I went in to atrial fibulattion and my heart went crazy(potassium level was 3.5 at the time the doctor didn't know the cause)and last week I was admitted to hospital again with...
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    Pain and cramping since February!!

    I know cramping and pain is common with crohns but I've been having this problem for months and it still isn't getting any better. I was taken in to A&E in February with a colicky pain and a temp of 39.2 and let out a few hours later after getting an injection with buscopan.The same thing has...
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    Cure for stomach cramp?

    Anyone know any good cures for stomach cramps? Pills,remedy's?? Any help would be much appreciated
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    Hospital again!! Sepsis.

    This is the 7th time this year alone I've had to get taken in to hospital,this time I had a temp of 39.2 and was feeling really horrid,colicky pain and sickness,sweating etc. When I got to hospital I got an abdomanal x-ray and chest and given the sepsis six procedure,a lot of iv's. Has anyone...
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    Bloating and cramps

    Has anyone got a good cure for bloating and cramp? My stomach is so painful I can't sleep,I've looked through my food diary and the only thing I've eaten that I don't usually have is boiled potatoes :(:ybatty:
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    Pottasium level 3.6

    My pottasiam level is 3.6 is this considered low?
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    Atrial fibrillation

    Hi guys I've recently been in hospital with atrial fibrillation which is uncommon for someone who is 30 years old. I was wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them and I also wondered if there's a link between crohns and atrial fibrillation?? I've had crohns since 2007 had a right hemi...
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    Constant snacking!!Diet help..

    Hi guys for years now I've been a constant snacker. I tend to eat every few hours and try to avoid large meals,one of the things I snack on alot is crips,I eat about 5 packets aday just to try and maintain a decent weight. My diet is pretty good apart from the crips I juice all my fruit and veg...
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    Omeprazole and pred!!

    I've been put on prednisilone for a few months and wondered if I should be taking omeprazole to protect my gut? I heard you need omeprazole when on pred.
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    Modulen ibd

    Hi I was wondering if anyone has had experience with modulen. My GP has given me some to try along with a low fibre diet but I'm not sure how to mix it up as he never gave instructions with it. I've only got to have 500 calories and see how I am. Thanks