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  1. Hunt

    Life after Resection

    Hey guys, again haven't posted in a while but it's about time I did. Over a year ago I had my bowel resection to finally rid myself of the psychological torment of having crohns physically in the hope that it took away some of the physical aspects of pain too. My initial surgery was fine until...
  2. Hunt

    Rock Bottom

    Hey all once again I haven't kept up to speed on here but it's a place I know I can come when I want to be understood and supported. For that, I am forever greatful to the people who run this forum. I've just had enough. Had my recent scope to look for healthy bowel as I'm now agreeing to a...
  3. Hunt

    Feeling depressed

    Hey guys, I seem to of forgotten about this incredible community but in this unfortunate time I'm turning to the only people who would even come close to understanding me. Recently I've been having really negative thoughts and no matter how much I try to make them go away, I can't. I actually...
  4. Hunt

    Itchiness & Remicade

    Hey guys, So after my 2nd infusion I'm feeling great, although this morning I've woken up with really itchy hands and feet and I have no idea why.. Could this be a side effect to the treatment? It's basically just redness on my hands and feet, slightly up my arm nothing like hives or anything...
  5. Hunt

    Hospital.. & Canada

    Hey peeps! Been a while since I've posted on this forum I hope you're all keeping well, I've had an interesting passed two months I'd like to share with you with a few questions in here too. Around the beginning of November I planned a trip to Canada in December on the purpose of pursuing work...
  6. Hunt

    Signed off by my GP again..

    Just can't muster any strength to go back to work.. Ever since I've been diagnosed symptoms keep widening and worsening, felt nauseous last night and this 'morning, getting more pain all over my stomach, feel so tired all the time & keep waking up sweating anyone else get that? On the plus...
  7. Hunt

    My Story

    Hi everyone and since having browsed this forum loads of times previous to my diagnosis of Crohn's disease, I've decided to register and share with you all my story so far. My name is John and I'm 20 from the UK. When I was growing up I had a relatively normal life; went out with friends...