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    Healing from proctocolostmy

    My husband is 9 days out from total proctocolostmy , he seems to be healing fine but is bothered to feel how the stitching feels in his butt crack like he has none! And it’s the most bothersome area. For tender and pain. What have others experienced and he is hopeing the surgery did not do a...
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    Chance of remission after Tikal colon , rectum , anus removal has Crohns

    My husband was diagnosed with UC then 18 months later developed fistula, so they said Crohns to date it’s been 4 yrs, he has done Lialda, ucerius, suppotories & tablets prednisone, Azathrioprine (terrible stuff)Humira, Entyvio, Stelara, now has loop ostomy with hope it may give Stelara &...