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    Iron Deficiency Anemia

    Switched to Stelara In Oct 2018 since Remicade was no longer working. Stelara is working as her Sed rate tests are normal but the iron deficiency anemia is still there and has to go for infusions every 4 weeks since Ferittin level drops so low. Originally the doctor said that the bleeding would...
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    15 year old just started Stelara when Remicade was no longer working fully. Had first dose 4 weeks ago. Sed rate is finally normal but once again still losing blood somewhere since Ferritin continues to deplete even after large amount of iron infusions. Any thoughts? Thank you
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    Has anyone been treated at CHOA?

    Has anyone used Dr. Kugathasan at CHOA?
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    Latest Test Results Antibody and Remicade Level Need Help Understanding

    15 year old with severe active Crohn's Disease and Colitis plus iron deficiency anemia. Diagnosed two years ago, Remicade every 4 weeks 400mg. Recent scopes and disease never in remission. Two questions: 1. Ferritin level always 2 or 3 after monthly iron infusions and then switched to weekly...
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    EndoScope, Coloscopy and Biopsy Results In

    Two years ago at age 13 daughter was diagnosed with Crohns and Colitis, esophagitis, iron deficiency anemia. Remicade every 8 weeks and now two years later she is on remicade every 4 weeks and a high dose. Just had another colonscopy,endoscope with biopsy end of April Crohn's is still active and...
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    Hospital Wants to Let 15 Year Old Make Own Decisions on Treatment

    Mydaughter was diagnosed with Crohn's two years ago in both intestines, she also has iron deficiency anemia. Last scopes when dignosed, Remicade every 5 weeks now and numerous iron infusions, saw Hematologist since GI wanted to rule out blood disease. Endoscope and Colonoscopy set for Tuesday...
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    Crohn's with Iron Deficiency Anemia. How Often to Scope?

    15 year old diagnosed two years ago with Crohn's basically everywhere and iron deficient anemia. She had an endoscope and colonoscopy and was immediately put in hospital. Going for Remicade every 5 weeks now down from 8 weeks. Also having iron transfusions and not changing the low...
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    Entyvio for Kids

    My daughter met an 11 year old with Crohn's whom is seeing a Doctor that has only been in practice about 5 years. He put her on Entyvio and sent her to an infusion office that only deals with adults and they put three separate IV's in her home at same time with the drug, another with fluids and...
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    Capsule Endoscopy

    Capsule endoscopy is scheduled for Friday and I am concerned about how much experience our Pediatric Gastroenterologist Doctor has in this. he said that after midnight she should have nothing to eat or drink. I have heard that it is the same as with a colonoscopy that Miralax and liquid diet is...
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    Crohn's with Consistantly Low Ferritin of 3, Low Hemoglobin Iron Anemic

    15 year old with Crohn's everywhere for two years. ferritin levels are always 3 when the regular level is 3 or higher, has had 7 iron transfusions with no change. Doctor suggest a hematologist. Since she has Crohn's would intestinal bleeding be the culprit which in that respect a Hematologist...
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    Severe Anemia with Crohn's

    Daughter diagnosed with Crohns 1.5 years ago in upper and lower intestine plus a list of other things. She is now getting Remicade every 6 weeks. She has been having a problem with severe anemia and has had 3 iron transfusions with it only getting worse. Iron saturation is 2, ferritin is 3, TIBC...
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    Remicade High Dosage or Infusions More Often

    My daughter has been getting Remicade every 8 weeks and has not developed antibodies but when they tests there is not any Remicade left in her body when it is time for next infusion. Dr. worried she could develop antibodies. He either wants to up the dose and she continues to go every 8 weeks or...
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    Anemic and not getting better

    My daughter (14) has advanced Crohn's and she is anemic. Has been taking 2 Ferrex 150 capsules daily with no change. She had an iron infusion a couple weeks ago and still has an iron infusion level of 4. Has anyone else had this happen?
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    Collecting SSI and Disability for Kids with Crohn's

    Has anyone been able to collect Social Security Benefits or Disability payments for their kids with Crohn's. I have heard this is possible.
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    Remicade Infusion at Hospital Or Infusion Ctr, rapid infusion

    My 14 year old daughter is terrified of needles. Since she was hospitalized and diagnosed over a year ago she has been going back to the hospital outpatient infusion clinic and very happy with how she is treated there even though she is always nervous. She gets a private room, adjustable bed...