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    Pain after Colonoscopy

    So I had my second colonoscopy two days ago and am in quite a bit of pain now. The pain seems to be mainly around my anus and just the very end of my colon and standing or sitting in one place seems to make the pain worse too. I have no noticeable abdominal pain and have seen no blood in my...
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    Daily pain/cramps with Crohn's

    So recently I've been having small episodes of pain throughout the day, almost every day for about a week or two now. I've had to deal with minor pain here and there for the past year (since I was diagnosed) but it seems to be occurring more and more often now. Earlier in the day it doesn't seem...
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    Severe Crohn's Episode

    Hi everyone, I'm a new member here on the forum and I'm looking for some help with my latest Crohn's issue: I won't get into my whole story here (I'll save that for the proper forum) but I was "sort of" diagnosed earlier this year with Crohn's Disease. They couldn't pass through the inflamed...
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    Problems after starting SCD, possibly related to diet?

    After visiting my doctor, I'm pretty sure this issue is unrelated to the SCD. I'll post in a different forum for help but I'm not too sure how to delete a thread so if anyone could help me with that I'd appreciate it. :)