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    Vomiting on Elemental, reaction or normal?

    Trying to continue with the EO28 Splash but now with the projectile vomiting I don't know if it's my body reacting to it or part of the process. Have had extreme nausea, cold, hot and fatigue while doing the drinks the past 2 weeks which along with the mental crap of not eating has led to breaks...
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    Headaches an EO28 Splah

    On day 2 of dr ordered no food just EO28 splash and have had a headache since last night and wonder if this is normal. Could it be from withdrawal from food or some type of substance - kind of like when stops drinking coffee? Thanks
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    Surviving the work day

    The last few months have been a bathroom blur and getting through the day is not easy and sometimes despite trying to tough it out I get sent home since I look as crappy as I feel. Now I no longer work with patients since I would be in the restroom a lot and not have them ready for the doctor...
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    Invention to help gas odor "shame"

    I spent way to much time the past few days in the bathroom and thanks to my mother's obsession with catalogs (that she kindly passed on to me) I had a wealth of reading material. So this is where I found the item that is supposed to help with embarrassing gas odor, it's called " subtle butt"...
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    Surviving the Holiday Season

    This is the first year that I have an actually diagnosis and I'm also in the middle of a flare so I'm wondering how you all deal with the family gatherings. I usually do Thanksgiving at the house but this year my mother in law is cooking since she knows I have been sick and not really eating...