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    Dr. Berkson & Alpha Lipoic Acid

    Hi everyone: Sorry for the delay in my updating you all on my visit with Dr. Berkson. This will likely be a long post--out of necessity. There is alot of information that I want to share. I will be pasting some of the emails that I sent to my friends while I was in New Mexico and adding some...
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    LDN & infections

    Hi LDNers: You may recall that I posted a few weeks ago about having a horrible sore throat for 3 weeks--strep and mono tests were negative. I was finally prescribed penicillin and it knocked it right out. Well, I am sick again--this time with sinus stuff and a fever. I have also been...
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    LDN prescriber in NYC

    Hi LDNers: Does anyone know of a LDN-prescribing physician in NYC? I am moving next month and am trying to find someone so I don't have to come down to Philly for my scripts. Thanks, Chris
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    LDN advice

    Hi Everyone: Can I ask for more advice from you LDNers? So I am now on week 7 of LDN (at the 4.5mg dose for only 3/4 weeks) and I started getting better last week, but yesterday I was traveling and forgot my Rowasa enema and only took my Colozal (and of course my LDN). So I am back to...