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    Pls explain how a stricture surgey went

    Hi Can someone explain how a stricture surgey goes? Do they do a laparoscopy? how do u eat after the surgery? can u drink fluid for first 3 days and then go on low residue diet? Or is there a feeding tube inside ur belly right in ur intestine? do u have a tube down the urinary tract too? how...
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    Report of ultrasound: what does this mean?

    Hi I had my second IBD test and want to know what the report says about my ultrasound. My first test was calprotectin and was positive at 277 and 141. The ultrasound of the small and large intestine report says: Multiple reactive Lymph nodes at retroperitoneal and mesenterial, specially...
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    Ged-0301 new medicine and release for jejunum?

    Hi As we know there comes a great drug for inflammation in the gut.. Ged-0301 from mongersen. The only problem is that its only made for ileum and first part of colon. It releases at ph 6.6 to 7.2. If someone has inflammation in the jejunum. Its better that the pill opens up at ph5.5 I...
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    Does chronic fatigue improves if crohn improves??

    Can someone say if his chronic fatigue improves while crohn improves? At the moment, im litterly do fatigued i cant function much. Does it get better if inflammation gets better?? My b12 and enemia level was false. Values are ok.
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    Can entocort 6mg work instead of 9mg?

    Hi I wonder if 6mg entocort can work instead of 9mg? I get ear pressure of 5asa and entocort it seems. Maybe 6mg will work on a day, but 9 will be too much i think. Are here people on 6mg for months?
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    Does crohn always have mucus?

    I wonder if crohn disease always has mucus in stools? Or is it possible to have non blood and non mucus everytime? My calprotectin is raised, but they keep saying post infectious ibs. I dont have mucus anymore i think. My abdominal pain is at the navel belly button or just below.
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    Could this be crohn? Pain in jejunum

    Hi I had food poisoning a month ago. Cramps and slight burning and tiny stings never left. First calprotectin 277. Second one week later 48 Third one another week later 141. I got pain around belly button navel. And two fingers lower then navel at left side. This is jejunum i think? Or am i...
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    New drug developments?

    Hi, does someone know if there are good drug developments? Specially for jejunum inflammation????? I know ged0301 is a good one.. but its only for terminal ileum and colon. Does someone know and follows some development for the jejunum also?
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    Can u do sports and be on 6MP or imuran?

    Hi Maybe i will be on Imuran or 6MP of humira.. This will compromise the immune system. I know i can get faster a cold and be sick longer. But do u have enough energy to do sports? is physical well being there if u are on AZA or 6MP? Can u run and do sports while on these meds? Immune system...
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    On Entocort now.. will they see inflammation (newbie)

    Hi I have IBD now for 3 months. My first colonscopy is planned for 29 july. I was very quick in finding my own diagnose. Just as i did with my other immune disease (IC-bladder). PS: calprotectin test was 107 at day 21 of disease onset. I started with pentasa after 3 weeks of IBD. after 1 day I...
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    What are the quickest drugs that will come out?

    Hi What are the potential drugs that can come out soon or the fastest? And in wich year will they be expected? Are there trial 3 phase drugs yet? or all they all phase 2 at the moment? I saw neovacs is in trial phase 2a. does this means that it needs an extra 3 years? ADP334? GED0301...
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    Enteric coated or not??

    Hi Im willing To try krill Oil, Cats claw An boswellia. The 3 best herbs for crohns. Is It important To order enteric coated? In My country It's very difficult To find It with coating. I understand that krill Oil is best when coated. But what about Cats claw and boswellia? Greets ken
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    Colonscopy too soon?

    Hi I have positive calprotectin test and inflammation in gut for 2 months now. pentasa and entocort help some. did many stool tests and stool was always negative to bacteria. GI specialist says its IBD. They are willing to do a colonscopy. But isnt this too soon? I mean.. Its just in his mild...
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    Chance for remission without meds?

    Hi Im new here. Im wondering what the chances are with crohn to have remission or have a mini remission without meds. can crohn just disappear in time? I also have IC (painfull bladder inflammation). After 2 years the inflammation is not gone but it is more stable without meds. its just like...
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    Morning rumble and worst part of day??

    Hi Im new here and i wonder if u also have those symptoms?: In the morning i mostly have the worst symptoms. I have the most bowel movements and urgency in the morning. Sometimes when i sleep and i wake up to pee.. If i dont get back in bed after 15 seconds.. the rumble and cramps and movement...
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    Humira and biologics RISK for blocking new treatment meds?

    Hi Im wondering.. People who take Humira.. they can create resistance against anti bodies so the humira doesnt work anymore.. The NEOVACS.fr is creating a vaccin that will treat crohn. It are 4 injections in a year. Its diffrent then biologics.. because ur body himself will develop anti...
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    APD334 phase 2 crohns/UC (new immuno drug)

    http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/arena-pharmaceuticals-reports-positive-results-from-phase-1b-clinical-trial-evaluating-apd334-for-the-treatment-of-autoimmune-diseases-300016987.html looks like it reduces 70% of the immune cells that cause inflammation. aqx-1125 is another one that acts...
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    Wich spot of intestine??

    Do u guys know wich intestine is located 0.5 to 1 inch under the navel (just left from navel). is this the small or large inestine?
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    No blood. can this with crohn?

    Hi I am Ken from belgium 33 years old and have now 2 months GI problems. I have loose stools 3 - 6 times a day. I had campylobacter and when it was gone.. immune stuff happens.. stooltest was negative for campylobacter or any bacteria after antibiotics.. calprotectin test showed 107 and showed...