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  1. Kinsey

    Can drs. deny treatment

    While trying to find a new PCP for my son for referral and such I called this one Doctor office of Alfret Shakespeare in Ranson, WV and was turned for being a new patient because of his Crohn's and taking Zoloft! Sounds like decrimination to me. Is that legal for a doctor to screen patients...
  2. Kinsey

    CD with chronic C-diff

    Yesterday I managed to get a Doctor from John Hopkins to see my son today, however, I could manage to get a referrel, my local GI doctor says he doesn't give referrels. He said to go to his Pediatric group, and they said no since they haven't seen him in 1 and half years. The Doctor was nice...
  3. Kinsey

    Frustrated with family

    It's been along haul dealing with my son Brad's Crohn's, he recently moved to his fathers in WV, but it's only 30 minutes from the VA border. I don't feel any support from much of our family, though my mother died and father is too sick himself. Brad doesn't want to get his next labs for the...
  4. Kinsey

    Has anyone heard of using coconut for Crohn's?

    My sister sent me an article from the winston-Salem NC, newspaper about people who are using coconut for Crohn's. Has anyone heard of that or tried it?:ack:
  5. Kinsey

    Crohn's with C-Diff Support Group

    when my son with Crohn's was diagnosed with C-diff all procedures for dianostics such as Colonoscopy, upper Gi, etc.. had to be stopped. Can still take meds. But can't seem to clear the C-Diff. And last CT shows he got UC from the C-Diff now too. What's a mother to do? Kinsey
  6. Kinsey

    Mom, new member need support

    My son is only 18 was diagnosed at 16 with Crohn's and now there saying he has UC too from the C-Diff. I feel like I'm watching my child slip away, the grief is just surfacing.