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    Stricture and diet

    Hi, Am just wondering about having a stricture removed as my new gastroenterologist insists I wouldn't need liquid feed anymore and I would be able to eat anything and everything. However, I've had these removed before and still cannot tolerate lactose, fructose, grains, fibre and fats. I'm...
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    Liquid food with sweetners

    Hi all, Does anyone else have acne from sweetners, not to mention the headaches. they have even started putting sweetners in Questran and other meds. I am sick of acne and my body has had enough of sweetners. Does anyone actually have a liquid food without any sweetners please? Thanks in...
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    So, do you people on IV eat anything, and do you have diarrhoea if you just have IV. I really feel I need to give my whole digestive tract a break. I've been on liquid feeds for around 13 years and still suffer in the whole digestive tract. Any advice please. I so want to be diarrhoea free...
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    Clogging peg tubes.

    Hi, does anyone have those clogging tubes. I never quite know how to fix it when its beeping away at me. What do you do when the thing is beeping and somewhere in the tube its blocked?
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    Arthritis and skin

    Hi all, :sign0085: I am suffering quite badly with my joint pain and often, on one elbow, i get a nasty red flare but this one is different from the other red flares. Does anyone else have a red flare where the skin is so sensitive that if i turn over in bed, or shift my sleeve up, the skin...
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    PH level

    Hi, I am wondering if any of you know what my dietician meant when she said my ph level (stomach acid measure from PEG) was only 0.5. She told me to mention it to my gastro bloke, which i did, and he said it makes no sense to him whatsoever and he didn't know what she was on about. Do any of...
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    Mushy Mouth

    Hi, As far back as i can remember i've suffered what i call mushy mouth. that is that even brushing with a tooth brush erodes a layer of skin and leaves it really red and sore. Also, i have to be so very careful as to what i put in my mouth because if its slightly sharp it seems to gouge out...