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  1. JBMouse

    my Ophthalmologist has tunnel vision

    Hi, Sorry to hear of your on-going problems, I, too, am a very long term Crohn's patient, diagnosed at age 9 yrs, now nearly 70 yrs. young! My Gastro and other doctors recognise that Crohn's is an immune system problem/failure, and becuse of that, we are prone to other inflammations, but...
  2. JBMouse

    Anastomosis stricture

    Cannot understand why I have not been on this forum before! but here goes. I had a balloon dilation 8 months ago for an anastomosis stricture, an ileo-rectal join that was made 40 years ago when I had my colon removed. I have had Crohn's for 60 years, and that was the only surgery I have had...
  3. JBMouse

    Balloon dilation- frequency and effectiveness

    I cannot get the search function to work, so I am starting a new thread in hopes of getting answers, or links to earlier threads. I have had Crohn's for 60 years, and only needed an operation in 1979, so that's 40 years ago. I had a sub-total colectomy and an ileo-rectal anastomosis, with a...
  4. JBMouse

    What vitamins etc with a NO vegetables diet

    I have had Crohn's for 58 years now, and my one and only op was 38 years ago when all my large bowel was removed, with the exception of the rectum, and joined to the small intestine, which was, itself, shortened to cut out the active crohn's. (Hemi colectomy and ileo-rectal anastamosis) I have...