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  1. Patch

    Estradiol/HRT and Crohn's

    I've been having symptoms of another flare-up lately. After a promising start on Humira, it plateaued and my health has recently begun backsliding. I'm supposed to have a test to figure out if I've developed antibodies to the drug or haven't been able to build adequate levels of the drug in my...
  2. Patch

    Worried about my stricture now.

    Just had a colonoscopy today, first one I've had since my flare back at the start of the summer. My health has gotten better since starting Humira but it seems I've still got some issues. I've got two strictures, one in the rectum, and one at the hepatic flexure. During the colonoscopy, the...
  3. Patch

    Am I doomed if I'm not a good cook?

    I've made a couple halfhearted attempts to try SCD/GAPS and, as is usually the case when making a halfhearted attempt, things didn't work out... Despite that, I am still enticed by the idea using one of these diets to achieve better health. Even the most effective medications I've been on...
  4. Patch


    Hello. I'm new here, and thought I should take a moment to introduce myself. I was diagnosed with Crohn's at age 10. Thankfully for most of my life the disease has been relatively moderate; I've not had any major surgeries, only a few minor procedures like draining a fistula and the removal...