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  1. darster

    Hidradenitis suppurativa

    Hi all, TMI rant I have been having terrible recurrences of this dreaded skin condition since stopping Humira. It occurs on my vagina and is very very painful. Just when I think it is going away, more of the painful lumps form. I am careful to drain them if I can when I shower, and it helps. I...
  2. darster

    Inspiring video from transgender girl

    Inspiring video from transgender child Here
  3. darster

    I keep getting infections

    I have been on Humira for a couple of years now for my Crohn's Disease. Lately it seems like I always have an infection cooking somewhere on my body. If I rip off a hangnail, the site can become infected, sometimes I've had to even take antibiotics. Currently, I have a swollen lymph node in my...
  4. darster

    Middlesex Gastro - Middletown CT

    Does anybody have any experience with the doctors in this group? I am trying to find a new doctor and would appreciate any information you could share. Thanks!
  5. darster

    Does anyone else get joint pain as a symptom?

    I used to have awful hip and knee pain, now I have extremely bad elbow pain. I used to be on Remicade, now I'm on Humira. Has anyone else experienced this as a symptom?
  6. darster

    Looking for a new GI in CT

    I am new to this forum and have looked at the Doctor Review threads. I am hoping to talk to people in CT that have a great GI and will share info about him/her. I currently am being treated by Dr Ramsey, of CT Gastro Consultants, have been seeing him for about 10 years now. Lately it seems like...