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  1. Kit

    Social Security Disability

    Hi all, I live in the United States and have already gone down to working 24 hrs a week due to fatigue issues. I am a Physical Therapist Assistant, and have a fairly physical job. I guess my question is, has anyone went on Social Security Disability either fully or partially? How did they go...
  2. Kit

    Perianal Warts

    Ok I just got diagnosed with perianal warts. I have been reading up on them a little. Anyone else have problems with them? My Colorectal Surgeon thinks they came from a decreased immune system while being on Cimzia. Has anyone had any experience with them and what is the best way to get rid...
  3. Kit

    Cleaning Wipes

    Hi all, I have been having a lot of problems with hemorrhoids, skin tags and bleeding around my butt. I it very hard to get clean, so I have been using wipes to help. The brand I was using is no longer being made. Does anyone have any suggestions on gentle, fragrance free wipes? :rosette1...
  4. Kit

    Treatment Options for mild/mod crohn's

    HI all, I was diagnosed with Crohn's Sep 07. I have been on Asacol and just recently Entocort. My recent colonoscopy showed 20% inflammation in the colon which is more than I had with the first colonoscopy. My physician is thinking of trying a biologic or maybe Imuran. My questions: How do...
  5. Kit

    Fatigue and Crohn's

    Hi all, I was diagnosed with Crohn's in the past year. I think I have made it through a flare. I am taking Asacol and watching what I eat. Right now the biggest thing that is bothering me is fatigue. I will get sleep headaches when I need to sleep and I can't focus at all. They have...