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  1. Lizzy613

    Weird Biopsy Pathology--anyone experience this??

    Hello! My ongoing saga to getting a diagnosis continues with today's colonoscopy follow-up. Basically, although at the colonoscopy the Dr said it really looked like I had Crohn's, the pathology has come back saying i have Focal Active Ileitis. Apparently, this is not the usual pathology for...
  2. Lizzy613

    Any difference in caloric intake? Also B12 and Iron!

    TL;DR : Does having Crohn's change the amount of calories you need to consume? How do you guys get enough B12 and Iron? Hello! I've not been officially diagnosed with Crohn's yet (scope was delayed due to covid) but I have strong suspicions that that's what it is. I was in a stereotypical flare...
  3. Lizzy613

    How do you deal with Fatigue?

    Hello! I've been experiencing a lot of fatigue lately, I'm not sure what's causing it exactly (Crohn's? Recent Concussion? Poor sleep? So many wonderful possibilities!😜) I'm going to ask my doctor to check my B12, vitamin D, Iron, etc next time i see her, but in the meantime, I'm looking for...
  4. Lizzy613

    If I'm not in a flare, will the colonoscopy show anything?

    Hi all! A month ago I had a CT scan for intense abdominal pain and discovered that 15cm of my terminal ileum was badly inflamed. The doctor suggested it was likely I had Crohn's or an infection and booked me for a colonoscopy to get more results. At a follow up with my GP a week later, she said...